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File: UI-tat01-06-16
Re: Re: Sizing??
Posted By: Xilni
So I've used this UI for a long while. I've been out of game since the expansion. I've come back, first thing I do is download new UI-tat and go merrily on my way.... not so merrily it seems. I've tried both versions of the UI (resolutions) and I'm finding that it's making everything so small, I can't read anything. Even the bliz...
File: UI-tat11-18-14
Another thing I can't seem to solve...
Posted By: Xilni
Another thing I can't seem to solve is the buff and debuff bar timers from the Player frame are gone. I've tried going into the settings for the unit frames but the buff timer frame doesn't appear, even in layout test mode where all the other buff timers appear correctly.
File: UI-tat11-11-14
Re: Re: Re: Ace 3.
Posted By: Xilni
Hey, I don't know if you've tried already, but look at contacting Kaelten about the Ace 2/Acecomm bug that we still have. I saw in his signature on one of his addons that he was a developer in Ace3 so he might have some help with that. Also, I'm looking at disable Tbag in the time being and maybe picking up bagnon until the author...
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Any updates anytime soon? ok see...
Posted By: Xilni
Any updates anytime soon? ok seems like my helper isnt replying so i will try to put together an update soon, sorry for the delay, i was under the impression i would not need to be doing this for a while as i am working on the integrated addon Yay thanks, also where can we follow the progress of the integrated project?
File: Faceshooter fix for patch 5.4.103-06-14
What source did you use for the pri...
Posted By: Xilni
What source did you use for the priorities or were no changes to shot priorities needed?