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File: QuestHelperLite02-16-11
Suggestion for suggested route optimization
Posted By: obuw
Hello, First of all, thanks for making this addon, it's exactly what I needed (questhelper without a gigantic database) and certainly helps deal with the "loss" of the original questhelper. I just wanted to suggest something: Problem: Unlike the original QH, QHL does not take into account quest turnin locations for quests in pr...
File: Pawn04-30-08
I see, that makes sense. I never us...
Posted By: obuw
I see, that makes sense. I never use the enchanted value, since, well, it is the enchanted value, and it makes little sense to compare your item in its enchanted state to a new item with no enchant on it. So if I wanted to use pawn to compare two items I already own, I should use the enchanted values. If I want to use it to compar...
File: Pawn04-24-08
Originally posted by VgerAN 1.0.1...
Posted By: obuw
Originally posted by VgerAN 1.0.1 has been released. Wonderful, much better now. :) One other issue keeps coming up - I believe Pawn ignores what you have socketed on the item, and tries to socket it with the ideal gem, right? I can see how that might be the better way of evaluating items for some situations (like knowi...
File: Pawn04-01-08
Re: [BUG] Sockets counting Twice
Posted By: obuw
Thanks a bunch. By the way, another handy feature of ratingbuster is, when comparing two items it can show you the difference between them. Would allow lazy brains like mine to do one less basic subtraction, if that wouldn't be too much of a hassle to add. :p Originally posted by VgerAN Okay, maybe in the next version, then....
File: Pawn04-01-08
Re: Re: Re: Re: [BUG] Sockets counting Twice
Posted By: obuw
Yes, that's pretty much it. I have an offense scale, and a stamina scale. I think adding an "always use the correct gem colors for each socket" option would solve the issue for most cases. Even better if it is a per-scale option. :) Originally posted by VgerAN I see, so in addition to any scales you use to determine item value,...
File: Pawn03-31-08
Re: Re: [BUG] Sockets counting Twice
Posted By: obuw
Originally posted by VgerAN Hmm, I'm playing around with Pawn and I haven't been able to reproduce any bug. I believe that the behavior you're seeing below is the new expected behavior for Pawn 0.9 and 1.0. Pawn is determining that the socket bonus on that item isn't worthwhile enough to justify putting a yellow gem in the yellow...
File: Pawn03-30-08
[BUG] Sockets counting Twice
Posted By: obuw
When calculating unenchanted values, pawn counts the gem sockets twice if there are gems socketed. Ex: gives 20 Stamina, I have socketed it with a for another 6 Stamina. My STA scale also has 6 points for blue sockets. Enchanted value: 26. Unenchanted value: 32. I also reported this in the trenchrats forum.