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File: Protoform Synthesis Field Journal05-15-22
zhTW's translation: local _,L =...
Posted By: Gello
zhTW's translation: local _,L = ... Thanks BNS. :D I'll have this posted later today.
File: Protoform Synthesis Field Journal04-11-22
Re: GetItemCount
Posted By: Gello
Instead of scanning the bank/reagent tab, you can use: local count = GetItemCount(itemID ) omg this is an amazing find thanks! I'll have an update up this morning!
File: Stash12-20-21
Re: Really nice :)
Posted By: Gello
The one thing Possessions had that I find myself missing in other addons is the ability you had to do /poss and have the frame popup with that search pre-populated. For people used to terminals it's such a convenience to be able to just `/stash felweed` and have the frame popup with the term pre-filled. That's a gr...
File: Quest Bindings - Classic11-07-21
Thanks for the report. I see the pr...
Posted By: Gello
Thanks for the report. I see the problem--it likely happens when you're in combat--and will have a fix up hopefully later today. edit: Update just posted (1.0.8-classic) should fix the problem. Let me know if it still has problems.
File: Grounded08-08-21
Re: cancel cast
Posted By: Gello
Hey Gello, many thanks for this addon, i really enjoy having quick cast abilities instead of clicking to confirm, i searched for this for a long time. I was wondering if the cancel cast with right click is comming at some point? Dragging it out of range is fine but a bit clunky, and i was really hopefull that there was a way aroun...
File: Select05-22-21
Perhaps I'm just stupid but what is...
Posted By: Gello
Perhaps I'm just stupid but what is wrong with: /select profession:Any The following works but then I'd have to make a macro for each character: /select Tailoring, Cooking, First Aid Are you on a classic client? Like toys and mounts, professions are not a supported search in classic, unfortunately. edit: I noticed the a...
File: Select04-27-21
With TBC Classic WOW_PROJECT_ID is...
Posted By: Gello
With TBC Classic WOW_PROJECT_ID is now 5 so the following check is not working anymore The BC beta version of Select posted here: https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info25963-Select-TheBurningCrusadeClassicbeta.html uses local isClassicClient = WOW_PROJECT_ID == WOW_PROJECT_CLASSIC or WOW_PROJECT_ID == WOW_PROJECT_BURNING_CRUS...
File: Adapt - Almost-Default Animated Portraits04-19-21
Re: Mechagnome Torso Pose
Posted By: Gello
Any way to adjust or rotate this portraiture for gnomes? I'm off-put by my mechagnome looking like he's gazing off in a distance than the ideal kind of isometric look but no matter love the add-ons. Thanks, Gello! Maybe I'm not very observant but gnomes and mechagnomes seem to face the same direction as other races. Or did you me...
File: Grounded02-16-21
A heads up that the changelog says...
Posted By: Gello
A heads up that the changelog says that right-clicking the game world will cancel a cast. Unfortunately this didn't make it live. I have some more experimentation to do. I was optimistic that this may be possible but I'm less optimistic now. I'll revisit the issue again.
File: Grounded02-11-21
Might it be possible to have spec-s...
Posted By: Gello
Might it be possible to have spec-specific bindings? Ex. if using #5 keybind for ursol's as balance, when I go resto I use #5 for something else and will use a diff keybind for ursol's. That's a fair request I hadn't considered. I'll think on how best to implement this. Probably by biting the bullet and allowing editing the down...
File: Grounded01-29-21
Question: Will it work if we're...
Posted By: Gello
Question: Will it work if we're using Advanced Interface Options to have abilities trigger on key down? (Maybe overrides it?) Yes. It's an independent bind not associated with action buttons.
File: Rematch12-31-20
Re: Rematch not functioning after last WoW update.
Posted By: Gello
After updating to the latest version of WoW (without Shadowlands), Rematch no longer functions. If you haven't yet, I would turn on script errors first, by copy/pasting the following line into chat: /console scriptErrors 1 Then /reload or logout/in and try to summon Rematch again. It may give you an error you can copy/paste....
File: Nameplate Percents12-18-20
Does this still work in 2020 or are...
Posted By: Gello
Does this still work in 2020 or are there some big changes required? I'd assume you'd need to check if nameplates are forbidden these days? This doesn't work in 2020, sorry. The nameplate system was overhauled and then locked down in instances in the years since it was made. It's not being updated anymore.
File: Rematch12-09-20
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Feedback and changes
Posted By: Gello
This is what I see. https://imgur.com/a/kVuxYrY Whatever is skinning Rematch for ElvUI is the cause there. I can't help with this issue, sorry. I don't use ElvUI and my attempts to skin for ElvUI have lead to a lot of frustration. The addon on this page should not be making any attempt to skin for ElvUI.
File: Select12-08-20
Re: use slot position
Posted By: Gello
Hi all, I have a couple of macro like: /use 13 /use 14 to use my trinkets. I am not able to put them in select. Is it possible ? I like to not specify itemid or name so I can change them. Thanks. /select equipslot:13 will let you use the top trinket and swap in another trinket on a right-click. And while it's...
File: Select12-07-20
Figured someone else would have chi...
Posted By: Gello
Figured someone else would have chimed in with this by now, but I guess I'm in the minority - or I was doing something wrong all along, and just lucky that it worked at all. Heh. Anyway, mounts have been pretty busted for me since the rewrite. Basically, something like 'm:mekg' still works, but neither 'm:60424' or 'm:275' do anym...
File: Rematch12-06-20
Re: Re: Re: Feedback and changes
Posted By: Gello
I did check that. It works on the team loaded "page" but nowhere else for me. Oh, I use Rematch as a standalone, not integrated into pet journal, if that matters. Double-checked my settings in options. Started playing around checking/unchecking things in appearances to see if something changed. When I have compact list checked wit...
File: Battle Pet Battle UI Tweaks12-05-20
Re: toc
Posted By: Gello
Loving the addon so far, I wish this was bundled with Rematch! Would you mind updating the toc to 9.0.2? Updated thanks!
File: Rematch12-05-20
Re: Feedback and changes
Posted By: Gello
I personally like the tabs down side but I can see possibilities for organization with your proposed method. I also miss the pets window and queue window being colored by rarity. I knew at a glance who needed a blue stone. Is it possible to add this back as an option under appearance? Not a fan of the list being uniform golden. Th...
File: LightHeaded10-24-20
I'm making a fix in ClassicQuestLog...
Posted By: Gello
I'm making a fix in ClassicQuestLog to work around this, but for the issue: In the 9.0 client on retail servers today and since the pre-patch, the following are no longer defined: GetQuestLogTitle (it's now https://wow.gamepedia.com/API_C_QuestLog.GetInfo and returns a table, not multiple returns) GetQuestLogSelection (it's...
File: Rematch ElvUI Skin10-18-20
Re: [cross-posted] BUG in 9.0.1
Posted By: Gello
You can see the full bug report here, including error, files, and fixes. Apparently the error is caused by this skin and not ElvUI itself, but who knows. I no longer maintain this skin, I'm afraid. Any updates would be here: https://www.tukui.org/addons.php?id=140
File: Classic Quest Log10-18-20
But i found another Bug that is fro...
Posted By: Gello
But i found another Bug that is from Classic Quest Log -> everything else disabled now ^^ Collapse a Tracked Quest and click "this" quest at the Quest Tracker will open the "default" Quest Log instead of Classic Quest Log! Oh yeah that one is a legitimate bug. I'll get that fixed thanks. :D
File: Classic Quest Log10-16-20
Here a little Video where you can s...
Posted By: Gello
Here a little Video where you can see the Quest Selection seems bugged: The Selected Quest will always be the "last" quest in the log and also Click a Quest from the Quest Watch Frame does not jump to the right quest, always the "last" in quest log. https://youtu.be/uVSa_XPd4b0 maybe you can take a look into it? :) If you tur...
File: Classic Quest Log10-15-20
Re: Re: Re: ElvUI Skin for Shadowlands Version
Posted By: Gello
the "spaces" seems not the Problem! I already tried this but i can not hook your "cql:PLAYER_LOGIN()" function becasue of ... reasons :/ Also to "name" the options scroll frame in the xml is important it seems, else it can not be skinned because of ... another reasons -> i dont know? :P But i will try it later! You can hook c...
File: Classic Quest Log10-15-20
Re: ElvUI Skin for Shadowlands Version
Posted By: Gello
hi there, i've done the ElvUI skin for the Shadowlands version of your Classic Quest Log Thanks for doing this. I'm more than willing to add those BackdropTemplates to the xml. Do you know of any other changes that would have to happen for you to make this a separate addon? I know one of the issues with this addon is the sp...