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File: Elkano's BuffBars11-06-11
Cancel Buff
Posted By: Lightor
I'm having a problem where I can't right click a buff on the buff bar to cancel a buff while in combat. It works fine once a break combat. This becomes a problem when I want to break out of ice block early or drop righteous fury on my pally so the off tank can grab a boss.
File: Cellular07-25-09
I cant seem to find a way to have w...
Posted By: Lightor
I cant seem to find a way to have whispers still showing in my chat box along with the mini window, any option for that that i just havent seen?
File: HealBot Continued04-17-09
For some reason i type lay on hands...
Posted By: Lightor
For some reason i type lay on hands and beacon of light in the spell options but they wont cast on my shift click
File: QuestHelper02-19-09
Thank you zorba, that does indeed f...
Posted By: Lightor
Thank you zorba, that does indeed filter out dungeon quests, i had not noticed that. On a different topic, I was flying into TB to turn in some quests, i went afk and when i came back i had landed at the flight master with this error from QH. msg: Interface\AddOns\QuestHelper\routing.lua:404: attempt to perform arithmetic on lo...
File: QuestHelper02-18-09
Posted By: Lightor
Could you please implement a filter that filters out dungeon quests. When im soloing I have to keep ignoring them or else it'll set my waypoint to an instance entrance. This gets esp annoying when i have about 5 quests for a dungeon and every time i log on i have to ignore them. Thanks for your time and an amazing addon.
File: DialogChat01-01-09
I dont see the whispers in my main...
Posted By: Lightor
I dont see the whispers in my main chat log, is there any way to make it so you still can?
File: Broker_TradeCooldowns12-31-08
Posted By: Lightor
I seem to have a problem. It doesnt update the timer I have on my titan bar unless I open my skill window. It will be stuck at like 19 hours 58 min, then i open my trade window and it jumps down to whatever the cooldown is at now.
File: Titan Panel [Recommended Zone]04-13-08
Posted By: Lightor
Awesome, this addon was freaking out on me, tellin me the durator was like 45-58. Thanks a lot.
File: Minimap Button Frame04-11-08
Posted By: Lightor
I have a Request, I would love it if you could have some minimap icons not put in the frame and stay on the minimap, I like having some of my buttons right there. Thanks! :D