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File: Overachiever02-17-17
Re: Donations?
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the9thresident: Thanks for letting me know. PayPal must have changed something. It should work properly now.
File: Gossipmonger11-04-16
So, seven years later... about time...
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So, seven years later... about time for an update, I think. Despite what I said in my last comment (over two years ago), I continue to find new, interesting details in gossip text, and not just from "old" NPCs. But what I said about Blizzard counting on you not seeing some dialog remains true. The latest version includes an option...
File: Overachiever11-26-14
FYI, a new version was released on...
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FYI, a new version was released on Curse. I'm away from home and so can't easily upload it here at the moment but it should be here in a couple of days.
File: Overachiever10-23-14
Re: Something wrong with the date on here.
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Barleduq: I don't know what happened. I definitely selected the file to be uploaded but it's like it didn't actually upload it. I gave it some time to see if the update would take, but it's still looking wrong so I went through the upload process again. It's currently listed as pending approval so I guess it worked this time. Anyway,...
File: Overachiever08-05-13
I'm planning on updating this. Hope...
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I'm planning on updating this. Hopefully I'll have time to do so this week. If you have any specific issues to report other than something really obvious ("it doesn't work with the latest version of WoW"), please check out the ticket system and - if the issue isn't already reported - create a ticket. And feel free to upvote tickets y...
File: Overachiever03-17-13
FYI, I'm in a rush (on my way out t...
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FYI, I'm in a rush (on my way out the door) so I can't upload it here yet, but a new version has been released on Curse.
File: Linkmate: Quests12-29-12
A much belated thanks to Valik. The...
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A much belated thanks to Valik. The latest version of the addon doesn't use your exact method, but they pointed me in a good direction so those problems shouldn't be an issue.
File: Overachiever12-03-12
Re: Re: Re: Errors starting last night
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help137: I've already started work on the next release. I can't promise "everything" will be in it, but I'll try to get the most critical stuff fixed/added. I've been bogged down with various things; I haven't even leveled my main character to 90 yet..
File: Overachiever11-29-12
Re: Errors starting last night
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help137: That can only happen if a non-number was used for the Overachiever version, e.g. the string you used in your first version of the fan patch. Your second version went back to using a number but it had already saved the Overachiever_CharVars.Version variable using the non-number, and since that error happens before Overachieve...
File: Overachiever11-25-12
Anaral: Weird. You should tell Bliz...
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Anaral: Weird. You should tell Blizzard about it, because it appears to be their bug. Try this: Make sure you're still tracking "Pest Control", then "/logout". Disable Overachiever and enter the world with the same character again. Hit Enter to open up the chat and type in "/t " so you can whisper to yourself. Shi...
File: Overachiever11-24-12
Anaral: Which hover tooltip? Where...
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Anaral: Which hover tooltip? Where are you seeing it?
File: Overachiever11-23-12
Anaral: Which client localization(s...
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Anaral: Which client localization(s) are you using? Failing to recognize wild pets can be a translation issue. Also, yes, there are some issues with the achievement being complete on one character preventing it from being a suggestion/reminder on another. Some people like it that way, though, so these are things I'm going to have to...
File: Overachiever11-21-12
Anaral: Please try to latest alpha...
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Anaral: Please try to latest alpha version listed here and let me know if it works for you.
File: Overachiever09-29-12
Overachiever is dead for Pandaria?...
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Overachiever is dead for Pandaria? Nope.
File: Overachiever09-27-12
Re: update for MoP foods, /love achieve?
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i'm trying to figure out how to do just that but i'm not having much luck. so, is this possibly in the works? hopefully??? ;) thanks in advance Yeah, I'll hopefully get it updated soon.
File: Overachiever08-31-12
The latest version is available at:...
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The latest version is available at: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/overachiever I'll upload it here soon but I've got to run and didn't want you guys to miss out.
File: Overachiever08-28-12
Looking for a 5.x compatibility upd...
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Looking for a 5.x compatibility update? Overachiever will be updated as soon as I get the chance. It depends on how much free time I've got, but if all goes smoothly, a new version should be up today or tomorrow.
File: Gossipmonger02-14-12
Re: I really like this, but it does not play well with others...
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I keep getting an error about it trying to reference something that doesn't exist. Is the author around? I don't know if it's worth posting the error message. I'm around, and I'm willing to look into getting the addon up-to-date, but I'll admit that my motivation to do so is lower than it could due to the basic concept of Gossipmong...
File: Overachiever01-11-12
Re: Re: Re: Fishing Node fished?
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Mukk: To see whether the proper option is enabled, open the addon options (the "/oa" command is one way to do that) and look for the "Fishing node fished?" option (localized as "提示渔点是否钓过" for the Chinese client, I believe) and be sure its box is checked. If that's not the pro...
File: Overachiever01-10-12
Re: Fishing Node fished?
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I find a issue that the tooltip didn't show me whether I need to fish from the fishing nodes when I'm doing the fishing achievement such as “The Limnologist”. Are you not seeing reminders for any fishing nodes, or just certain ones? Are you having any other tooltip issues? And I have to ask: Is the fishing node reminders box checked...
File: Overachiever12-24-11
To all the Overachievers out there:...
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To all the Overachievers out there: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year! (Choose one or more as applicable. :))
File: Overachiever12-19-11
Alpha release is up: http://wow.cur...
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Alpha release is up: http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/overachiever/files/ It may or may not be identical to the "official" release. Depends on if I run into any bugs and if I have time to add more features. Edit: Full release is up, too. It's pending approval here currently and that may take a while, so for now, consider downlo...
File: Overachiever12-12-11
Any idea when an update is coming?...
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Any idea when an update is coming? One should be released soon, but I have to wrap up some other more important and urgent projects first (read: projects with actual deadlines).
File: Achieved!09-13-11
Bornabe: When, exactly, do you get...
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Bornabe: When, exactly, do you get the error? Whenever you get an achievement? Always? Or only for some achievements, or some types of achievements (e.g. only for guild achievements)? Never for other alert types, like dungeon completion?
File: Highlight - the local bag search tool08-07-11
Thanks for your work on this addon....
Posted By: Tuhljin
Thanks for your work on this addon. Unfortunately, I've found some significant problems with this release (maybe started with an earlier one, I don't know). First of all, if you click into Highlight's text field to type something in, nothing happens if you press Escape. You have to click into another text area, like the chat input, i...