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File: CBH Viewport07-18-10
Odd. Thanks for the update. I'll be...
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Odd. Thanks for the update. I'll be trying to fix this up for Cata so keep an eye out.
File: CBH Viewport06-16-10
Is this bug still occurring? I cann...
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Is this bug still occurring? I cannot reproduce it on my my new machine.
File: Tankadin210-07-09
Alright, how about instead of spamm...
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Alright, how about instead of spamming your post count, combine everything. Also, e-mail works wonders. 1) Yes, glyphed DP does count. Hit it then check it before you go and say it doesn't. 2) I know of others who run Tankadin on other classes besides paladins. Two of them are guildies of mine. No, I won't add this option by de...
File: Tankadin209-01-09
Originally posted by thecybermind...
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Originally posted by thecybermind I just noticed a bug in functions.lua, function Tankadin_UpdateDR. It should be checking talent 24 for Shield of the Templar but it is currently checking 23, which is the 2-point Guarded by the Light. Fixed! Will be in the next Live push. @Elayneff - Awesome stuff! It's already added into...
File: CBH Viewport08-08-09
If that's the case, then there's an...
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If that's the case, then there's an error with the world frame similar to the issue that occurred with the 3.1 patch if I remember correctly. Report the error to blizzard and it should be fixed soon.
File: Tankadin2 - Ardent Defender Plug-in08-08-09
Unlock the Tankadin Frames. It's un...
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Unlock the Tankadin Frames. It's under the general options. You should then be able to simply drag it.
File: Tankadin206-30-09
3.2 - Needs
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Currently in need of combat logs of fights using AD. Just type "/combatlog" before and after you trigger AD and the health recovery. Log out and mail it to [email protected] I'm also looking for someone to help co-author Tankadin. It's getting to be a project bigger than one person can currently handle considering I'm working...
File: Tankadin2 - Ardent Defender Plug-in05-10-09
Posted By: _Chloe
Put up a Beta for this about a week ago. Has it fixed the "Reports a death even though I died" bug and the "I got hit for almost all my HP but counted a death avoided" bug?
File: Tankadin2 - Righteous Fury / Seal Plug-in05-09-09
No problem. The spell data for Sacr...
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No problem. The spell data for Sacred Shield didn't get added into the Tankadin2 mod until this last release. Therefore unless you updated recently, the updated plug-ins won't work. TL;DR: Update Tankadin2 every time you update a plug-in just in-case.
File: Tankadin2 - Righteous Fury / Seal Plug-in05-08-09
Update Tankadin2.
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Update Tankadin2.
File: Tankadin2 - LDB Plug-in05-05-09
It doesn't have an icon associated...
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It doesn't have an icon associated with it which is more than likely the problem. Let me see what I can do.
File: Tankadin2 - LDB Plug-in05-04-09
Re: Not showing
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Originally posted by divstator I'm using Button Bin LDB display and I'm not seeing the addon in the bar, it's showing enabled but nothing in the bar. Am I missing something? Link? I got it to work on Ninja Panel and Docking Station. Just trying to figure out what going on per addon basis so I can do some work arounds.
File: Tankadin204-27-09
LDB Plug-in
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Made it mimic the Tankadin2 Frame. All you do is mouse over it and the tooltip is what you would normally see if it was the Tanakdin2 Frame. Been wanting to make one for a while now, but Tek made it way easier than it used to be. Enjoy. It should be approved here soon.
File: Tankadin204-25-09
Re: Feature Request
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Originally posted by Sidewalk Feature Request: Hitable Caculation: Allow this to be set to 102.4 (instead of 100) so that Pally's know when they are Block Capped. Thanks. Set the enemy level to +3 and you get the same result. 3 * .8 = 2.4 + 100 = 102.4.
File: CBH Viewport04-22-09
*Cough* Load out of date addons *Co...
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*Cough* Load out of date addons *Cough* :cool:
File: Tankadin204-21-09
Sacred Shield. :) Also the calculat...
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Sacred Shield. :) Also the calculator that's in an alpha stage right now just does about that, and will even show your TPS, TPS/Mana, DPS, and DPS/Mana for most of your tanking abilities so that you can see how that one piece of gear not only affects the defensive side of tanking, but also the offensive ie threat and dps.
File: PerfectRaid04-21-09
Thank you for updating. Since Cliqu...
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Thank you for updating. Since Clique and PerfectRaid have been out, I've been using them for everything. I would be in a world of hurt with out either of these mods, either healing on my resto Druid, my twink Priest, DPSing on my Mage or even tanking on my Paladin. Thanks again for all your work you put into this and your other proje...
File: CBH Viewport04-21-09
I've only had to update this mod on...
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I've only had to update this mod once, and generally won't ever need updating unless Blizzard breaks it with a major patch. I won't be changing it to work with WoWMatrix. Took too long to get my other works off there that were posted without my permission. Trying to be professional here, but they burned too many bridges with authors....
File: Tankadin204-21-09
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With 3.1 in-place for the most part, my work can continue on Tankadin2. I want to know if placing and optional SS button & warning to the RF/Seal plug-in would be wanted. Also I'm working on a DB plug-in for Tankadin2 atm along with all the other plug-ins I want. Between work IRL and a raiding schedule, it's hard to put in the time f...
File: CBH Viewport04-06-09
Anyone able to tell me if this issu...
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Anyone able to tell me if this issue has been fixed yet on the PTR?
File: Tankadin203-07-09
From Tankspot: Total Damage Reduct...
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From Tankspot: Total Damage Reduction (TDR) is a function of Avoidance and Armor. Total Damage Reduction does not account for Shield Block Value, Shield Block Rating, Crushing Blows, debuffs (Thunderclap, Demoralizing Shout).
File: Tankadin203-05-09
Wouldn't that be TDR (Total Damage...
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Wouldn't that be TDR (Total Damage Reduction)?
File: CBH Viewport03-03-09
I looks as if the error with the Wo...
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I looks as if the error with the World Frame is on Blizzard's part, although I'll have to keep checking on the PTR to make sure. The skybox is going through the world frame somehow. I dunno right now, but it might also have to do with a similar issue to the CD's not showing on action bars with an ATI card. I'll keep an eye on this wi...
File: Tankadin202-28-09
Update coming up is adding in the D...
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Update coming up is adding in the DR calculation for Miss.
File: CBH Viewport02-28-09
I'll be working on fixing this and...
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I'll be working on fixing this and my other mods this Monday, March 3rd for PTR/Live usage.