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File: EavesDrop01-02-15
Copying to chatboxes
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I get weird output when copying to a chatbox. Is there any fix to this? (or should I be posting this info somewhere else?) 11:19:17, |Hunit:Player-1071-076E62D0:SuleviaeYour Frostfire Bolt hit |Hunit:Creature-0-3137-1331-20562-85294-000026C500:Goren ProtectorGoren Protector 6920 Frostfire. (Critical) Thanks.
File: ArkInventory09-26-12
Re: Re: Re: Re: Character exclusion
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copy and paste this into the chat window /run ArkInventory.EraseSavedData( nil, ArkInventory.Const.Location.Token ) Will that erase my ultra-complex bag sorting system I set up with 76 unique filters? If so, no thank you. I backed my settings up and did what was suggested. The new version works now, you just have to reload...
File: whoa UnitFrames08-30-12
The only problem I'm having (maybe...
Posted By: silversol
The only problem I'm having (maybe its just mine) is that enemy health bars are using the background of the aggressive enemy. If you fight an NPC, the red bar fades to the red (same color different background texture). Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/YjyLp.jpg (note mob is about half health)
File: EnhancedCharStats06-09-09
Re: New version
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Yay! I'd totally donate something... if I had a credit card. >.>
File: Spellbreak03-08-08
Maim inturrupt....
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http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=44835 That it?