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File: GupPet08-09-11
Like others have said, this is by f...
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Like others have said, this is by far the best mount/companion manager addon so I hope it gets updated and maintained once more. Add to the list of missing mounts since 4.2 - Amani Battle Bear, 98204. ={=true},--Amani Battle Bear
File: Overachiever01-08-11
Fishing Pools
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It seems the modified tooltips for fishing pools required for achievements is no longer working since Cata. Prior to Cata it worked just fine with the 'needs to be fished', but since not a single pool is coming up with it - specifically for the achievements 'The Limnologist' and 'The Oceanographer'. Has this functionality been change...
File: GathererDB WoWHead12-19-10
Originally posted by Cryomancerr...
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Originally posted by Cryomancerr I downloaded gatherer and gathererDB-wowhead from here.Extracted it and entered WoW.I typed /gatherer and clicked on Database --> Import and it starts importing and importing process dissapears on 90.4% HELP ? :( Also stopping at 90.4%.
File: Titan Skills10-29-10
Originally posted by AnrDaemon I...
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Originally posted by AnrDaemon I don't think this addon it useful any more. You only have a few crafting professions to bother about, and they all are present on single observable pane. The weapon skills, which this addon was mainly about, now always are top level. The whole point of this addon was the ease of being able to simply...
File: Titan Skills10-27-10
Kjasi, first of all I want to say I...
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Kjasi, first of all I want to say I love the addon. Its simple yet very handy. I've been using it for quite a long time now and hate that it broke when 4.0 released. I noticed you updated all your other addons. Do you plan on doing the same for this one?
File: PlayerScore / GearScore06-30-10
Has the mouseover feature been remo...
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Has the mouseover feature been removed/changed in the latest revision? Yes, I do have the options selected to Show Player/Item Tooltips. The problem is scores will no longer update if I only mouseover players, but only updates if a player is target selected. Any assistance is appreciated.
File: tekKompare04-19-08
Any chance of getting this added to...
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Any chance of getting this added to the WoWAceUpdater?