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File: Titan Panel03-15-10
Paper Doll
Posted By: smach8
Anyone have a problem where the paper doll under the minimap doesnt work showing you your gear when its damaged/destroyed? And if so, is there a way to work around it? I was out leveling in Nagrand and didnt realize all my gear was broken because it wasnt showing up under my minimap. I tried turning off auto-adjust screen but that di...
File: Bagnon Beta03-07-10
GBank window
Posted By: smach8
How do I disable the guild bank window so i can see the default game window? While i was excited to see the guild bank get some attn, I would rather have the default window so i can have the tabs at the bottom to see who is giving/taking stuff. Unless there are plans to add those tabs in in the very near future. EDIT: seems a li...
File: PetXPBar (Fan Update)08-10-09
addon not working since 3.2
Posted By: smach8
i just noticed today that certain features of the xp bar are not working anymore since the patch. when i scroll over the bar im not seeing any of the information anymore, ie: amount of xp on last kill, xp til lvl,etc. and also nothing is showing when using the ctrl command to see stabled pets.
File: NPCScan05-20-09
most excellent!!! used the default...
Posted By: smach8
most excellent!!! used the default reset thingy and WHAM!!!!!!!! there it was :) LOL.
File: NPCScan05-19-09
any way of doing away with having t...
Posted By: smach8
any way of doing away with having to clear the cache every so often??? im a lazy peoples :( LOL also some of my toons show gondria in the list others do not. i did add the dlaran spell scribe to the list of custom npcs. would that effect it?
File: PetXPBar (Fan Update)03-17-09
xp bar out of position
Posted By: smach8
when i first log onto my hunter i have to use the /pxb reset command to get the xp bar to show up under my pet frame. any solutions??
File: PetXPBar WotLK12-09-08
xp bar moving
Posted By: smach8
every time i log on my hunter the pets xp bar is down near the bottom right side of my screen instead of under the pet frame. i use /pxb reset and it puts it back up under the pet frame where it belongs. is there any way to stop it form moving in the first place?
File: BuyEmAll10-17-08
WotLK error
Posted By: smach8
after patch 3.0 when i try to buy items in stacks using buyemall i get an error message on screen something to the effect of currency type not set.
File: Recipe Book06-19-08
lua error
Posted By: smach8
im getting an error message Interface\addons\recipebook\recipebook.lua:550:bad argument #1 to "match"(string expected, got nil)
File: XBar06-07-08
one more bar please?????
Posted By: smach8
drdoom, i love this addon!!!!!! i use it with every toon i have in some form or another. but i am saddened by one tiny thing. :( the only thing im missing that would make the world perfect is a bar for my mages portals. id try to make one myself using your current programs but im just too stupid to do anything that wouldnt probably c...
File: Bagnon10-08-07
key ring
Posted By: smach8
im having a problem with my bagnon not showing keys when i click the key ring icon in my inventory window. the slots seem to open up but i cant pysically see the keys in them although i can scroll over them and even click on them. *edit* whatever they did in todays patch fixed it. i can see the keys again.
File: XBar09-25-07
warlock bar not working
Posted By: smach8
i seem to be having a problem with the warlock xbar not working since the latest patch (2.2). all the other bars that i use appear to be functioning correctly yet, but my warlocks bar wont show up now.
File: MyInventory09-25-07
no tool tips after newest patch
Posted By: smach8
ok so the main part of this addon still seems to work ok but now there are no tool tips showing when u mouse over an item in your bags. only after the newest patch 2.2.whatever it is.
File: Suki's Minimap Coords v1.1406-17-07
map coords being dashes
Posted By: smach8
i too am having a similar problem with the coords going to --,-- but not just after getting off the griffons. it seems that the add-on is having trouble keeping up or updating itself when i change zones or even diff areas in the same zone. today i came out of UC and was standing on the zeplin tower with --,-- listed as coords.
File: BuyEmAll06-13-07
UI problems in general
Posted By: smach8
i have no idea what or why u guys (mod makers) need to update mods since like the other person said we have the load out of date addons button, but all i can say from personal experience since the latest patch, is that its my out of date add-ons that r causing a problem with my UI. if i dont use any add-ons, or only add-ons that are...