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File: TankMastery09-10-09
Interesting idea. A screenshot f...
Posted By: Dioxin
Interesting idea. A screenshot from In-game would be nice. Does this work for Druids, and are you turning it off while in cat form, and is there a way to overwrite these kinda options. Does this report to Scroll Combat Text type addons? Keep up the work, and I look forward to downloading this and giving it a try tonight.
File: leafLFG09-10-09
I know this addon is dealing with t...
Posted By: Dioxin
I know this addon is dealing with the chat in LFG, but a little expansion on it to include setting deafults says in the dropdowns might be nice. It just seems really stupid that there is not a button to make all dropdowns "Heroic" or "Raid" or something like that. Set all LFG Dropdowns to: - Regular - Heroic - Raid etc...
File: sRaidFrames07-30-09
There is an updated version on Curs...
Posted By: Dioxin
There is an updated version on Curse @ http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/sraidframes.aspx
File: WhisperTarget07-20-09
/wt conflict
Posted By: Dioxin
the /wt is conflicting with WinterTime, an all in one raiding Addon for Winter Grasp. I changed the /wt to /wht, not sure what the proper resolution is, but it was a pretty simple and easy fix within your addon.
File: WinterTime07-18-09
Would be nice if you could disable...
Posted By: Dioxin
Would be nice if you could disable the ready check button with a command, but still keep everyone with invite rights to the raid.
File: OPie06-25-08
Re: Public Beta 3
Posted By: Dioxin
One of the best space saving addons out there. Not a single problem so far I could not figure out myself. Some suggestions: Auto add Healthstones, Bandages, Food, and Water. Have a ring that lets you get to other rings. Pressing one button could open up what a total of ~64 icons. Over all I got rid of Autobar and now use thi...