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File: TweakWoW12-15-09
Switching problem
Posted By: magehk
just a quick question, is there anyway to know which setting profile i am actually using? coz i did some setup and press the switch (by keybind), it doesnt seem to have changed anything or saved anything, and i hit the keybind again, everything the same. It would be nice to have some chat message may be to show whether i am usi...
File: Tidy Plates: CleanPlates12-03-09
Problem in Onyxian options
Posted By: magehk
Not sure is this a bug or error, but it must be something wrong with it. In the Onyxian options --> Onyxian Whelp --> Show Nameplates If i uncheck it, the message in the chat box showing "-->>Marked Immortal Guardian Nameplates are now OFF<<--" instead of Onyxian Whelp, i think you may be messed it up with the Yogg options....
File: Reagent Restocker10-31-09
Thx for such a great addon. Just so...
Posted By: magehk
Thx for such a great addon. Just some suggestions..... As a mage, i put Arcane Powder, Runes of Tele/Portals in my Shopping List, it then showed 3 text-info but no icon on the LDB display bar(use Bazooka). Is there any icons for the reagents? i used to use Fubar wif Fubar_Reagentfu, it showed appropriate icons on Fubar. It stil...
File: pMinimap10-31-09
Great addon! very lightweight and v...
Posted By: magehk
Great addon! very lightweight and very well function!! love ur ideas of putting the clock and calendar together wif left/right click. keep it up and thanks you for ur effort!! :banana:
File: Squeenix10-31-09
Really, Tek. a preview screenshot...
Posted By: magehk
Really, Tek. a preview screenshot / pictures would be much much better for people to know how great your addons are, then decide to download it and enjoy ur excellent works in-game~:)
File: Tidy Plates: CleanPlates10-27-09
Re: Re: Class icons
Posted By: magehk
Originally posted by suicidalkatt They only display on pvp hostile targets. thx for the reply, but actually i found that the only setting i missing was the "class-colored nameplates" under the Interface panel, i didnt have that enable. after i tick that box, it then all fine, class icons finally shows up!:banana::banana:
File: Tidy Plates: CleanPlates10-26-09
Class icons
Posted By: magehk
Hi there, Nice addons, simple and clean, loved it but i got one question here, for some reason i cant get the class icons showing, any idea? or any setting wif this model i need to setup? thx your very much! keep up the good work! p.s. i did tried to delete both addons folder and saved variables and complete reinstall it but ca...
File: EveryQuest10-25-09
Got this error when i abandon a que...
Posted By: magehk
Got this error when i abandon a quest in Blade's Edge. Great work anyway, keep it up!:banana: : AceLocale-3.0: EveryQuest: Missing entry for 'Abandon Quest:': EveryQuest-2.3.3\Core.lua:864: in function `?' CallbackHandler-1.0-5:146: in function <...iCC\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:146> :"safecall Di...
File: DynamicPerformance V1.910-13-09
Re: Re: Works Fine overall!
Posted By: magehk
Originally posted by Mahiro thanks for the feedback, the problem with the reload screen is already known, it appears when entering from high fps areas into low fps areas or the other way around. this seems to be a problem on low/mid end computers when a lot of values are changed at the same time. im thinking about bringing my p...
File: DynamicPerformance V1.910-10-09
Works Fine overall!
Posted By: magehk
I've installed this few days ago, dun have the chance to test it out until this morning i did a pug Ony 25, it was working well, but in the worst battle while tones of small whelps came out, fps drop to may be 10 or lower, its not ur problem, think my pc was doing worst b4 this addon was installed. Then the 25man failed, we did a 10...
File: Clique07-16-07
Need help with writting macro
Posted By: magehk
Clad, I need some help with writting a macro which allow me to cast "Counterspell" on my "fcous target" with /stopcasting. As a mage, i always sheep the healers, when sheep broke, if i can Counterspell their heal without changing my current target, it would be grats! not sure if this is possible, but since my sheep macro can do so...
File: ReadySpells07-15-07
Re: Adding Blast Wave (Mage)
Posted By: magehk
Originally posted by magehk i have a special request that if u can add "Blast Wave" in, it would be grats! anyway, this is a cool addons! thx for that! i just read ur edit steps, and i tired to add Blast Wave and also Cone of Cold in, seem works fine after a few test, i will do some more test soon, sorry about posting b4 readi...
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced07-15-07
Still Showing V3.01.04
Posted By: magehk
i have V4.00.00 installed after i deleted all the old Atlasloot folder, but in game still showing v3.01.04 i read a post in curse-gaming someone said about how to fix this issue, 1)delete all atlastloot folder, 2)log in to WoW, 3)Completely log out. 4. Install 4.00.00 i did exactly the same(even .lua and .bak file in WTF folder...
File: ReadySpells07-15-07
Adding Blast Wave (Mage)
Posted By: magehk
i have a special request that if u can add "Blast Wave" in, it would be grats! anyway, this is a cool addons! thx for that!
File: RangeDisplay06-23-07
Command problem
Posted By: magehk
I found a problem using this addon with DBM (Deadly Boss Mods), when i try to lock the range frame, i typed "/rangecheck lock", the frame didnt lock but only the range check function from DBM showed which is " More Than 30 yards away:". So i try to turn DBM off and then everything works fine. All the setting and com...
File: Clique06-13-07
Re: Re: Re: Re: bug?
Posted By: magehk
i didnt install any addons called "DHUD" but i do have KLHThreatMeter installed, so is that KTM causing this problem? what should i do to fix it beside /reloadui? thx u very much~
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames06-12-07
seem i found a bug, plz have a look...
Posted By: magehk
seem i found a bug, plz have a look, thx very much! Date: 2007-06-10 21:18:27 ID: 51 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ...rface/AddOns/Perl_Party_Target/Perl_Party_Target.lua line 330: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) Debug: : ? ...rface/AddOns/Perl_Party_Target/Perl_Party_Target.lua:330: Perl_Party_Target...
File: Clique06-12-07
Posted By: magehk
i found a problem when i open my spell book, clicking the Clique tab, panel comes up but i cant press any button, not sure if it is a bug or just crashing with my other addons. what i did to fix it is relog or reloadui. then those button become available again. plz have a look, thx very much, anyway a grats addon!
File: Cooldown Timers06-10-07
Posted By: magehk
i got a problem is the CDT counting my wand "Shoot" as a globe cooldown, everything i use my wand all the spell cooldown comes up! and i have tried to disable the "Shoot" but it still showing,how can i fix it?
File: sRaidFrames06-09-07
Frame missing!
Posted By: magehk
same problem here, raid frames were missing after install but it came out when i try to "Reset Position" but not rescale it, grat addon anyway! :) question: how can i add buff filter? for example i want only Arcane Intellete Buff showing in raid frame, is it possible? do i need to add all other buff to the filter so it doest show?