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File: gridUI09-07-16
Re: Re: silver ui never installed
Posted By: Drianna
beautiful ui but could not get your version to work. I installed it verbatim word for word and all got was a mess ..Like I said no silver ui frames...blackened blizzard frames and NO WARRIOR profile to copy maybe that was it .More to the case for me at least the WA saved variables did not work hence no 3D frames ..so any ideas world...
File: gridUI09-07-16
Hi I am using 16:9 and need to do s...
Posted By: Drianna
Hi I am using 16:9 and need to do some moving about. Which addon controls the borders around skada etc please so I can move them into view. Love the look of the ui
File: SilverUI for druid heal01-06-16
is it possible to move the map fram...
Posted By: Drianna
is it possible to move the map frame and the player model as mine are well and truly to cock
File: MadUI - [RealUI Edit]12-10-15
Cast Bars
Posted By: Drianna
Hi Love the UI but the cast bars are coming through as standard Real UI not like yours in the screenshots. Any Ideas Thanks
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)01-07-11
Using Carbonite
Posted By: Drianna
Hi first off great ui - Thank You. I use carbonite for my gatherers (do not dock with minimap) but just having carbonite loaded forces the mini map to be round. Even though i tell the carb options it is sqaure. Any Ideas?? Thanks Dri
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)08-02-10
Originally posted by LŠe Here is...
Posted By: Drianna
Originally posted by LŠe Here is my version using: Bartender Buttonfacade Vuhdo CursorCastbar http://a.imageshack.us/img189/568/uploadt.jpg I put my stance/totem bars in the lower left corner Loving your work on Vuhdo, is there anyway to share your settings? I tried for hours to do similar to what you have and failed...
File: GrimUI11-17-09
Originally posted by Grimsin That...
Posted By: Drianna
Originally posted by Grimsin That box is omen threat meter. OK mate thanks, That explains it as I replaced recount and omen with Skada (personal Preference). Thanks
File: GrimUI11-16-09
Hi Grimsin Can you explain what th...
Posted By: Drianna
Hi Grimsin Can you explain what the "square box" mod is in the upper left of the screen in your SS as this does not appear to be active on any of my toons. If it is no longer active I will move the buff bars up into that space. Cheers /dri
File: Bati's UI11-09-09
This looks very nice. I have to...
Posted By: Drianna
This looks very nice. I have to admit I am a clicker there I said it I AM A CLICKER!! So i will have to lift you frames etc and Add the additinal bars and move some stuff about. Hope you dont mind me messing about with it but it looks great so I will be hoping to keep the general theme going. Thanks
File: GrimUI09-29-09
Potentionaly a great UI based on th...
Posted By: Drianna
Potentionaly a great UI based on the great Mazzle's efforts and I commend you for the hard work. However there is just far too much time to be taken to set this up for each character that it renders it impractical IMO. The WTF folder is required to make this a usable addition. Just an opinion
File: ArkiveUI05-05-08
Re: Minimap buttons
Posted By: Drianna
Originally posted by Omnix First off,This is excellent UI and im very pleased with it.Thx for all the hard work Arkive. Second,I apologise if this has been asked before but how do i unlock the minimap icons so i can move them.I can see them but just cant move them. :D HI /dmbs unlock then /dmbs lock to lock th...