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File: AtlasLoot Enhanced02-05-15
god awful ui
Posted By: Spikemay
what the hell did u do to AtlasLoot?!?! this was one of the only addons i ALWAYS used, shame im gonna have to ditch it now, its incredibly ugly, i can't use this crap if it ain't broke dont fix it, revert this back to the original Atlasloot UI and just add expansions as previous, dont change the whole thing to this unusable garbag...
File: OPUI12-07-14
sorry, not working
Posted By: Spikemay
U should maybe clean up your Profiles, to get it a bit user friendly :-P Saved variables folder...wtf^^ I used the curse client to clean up the .lua left over from addons no longer in use, removed over 240 :banana: after an hr of trying I couldn't get this to work proper for me :( which is too bad because I really like the look...
File: Wow Theme file04-19-08
Originally posted by Azzido Nomura...
Posted By: Spikemay
Originally posted by Azzido Nomura I LOVE this image! I am an interface freak. If it doesn't look cool, I don't use it. I want this one so SO bad...but I'm on a PC...not Mac >.> Any way at all you could manage to release a version for those of us who don't use Mac? I'd do a nice little jig if you could! >< Great job on the design,...
File: Necrosis LdC09-07-07
Posted By: Spikemay
Originally posted by Blazay does this mod work with current version of wow? i confirm that as of 8/9/07 this addon works fine with the current wow :)
File: Xart Skin - Warcraft 3 Orc06-05-07
Re: Great job !
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thank you, its nice to know its appreciated.. glad u like it :)
File: Xart Skin - Warcraft 3 elven05-07-07
undead theme
Posted By: Spikemay
Originally posted by Yinchie Sweet! Is there a undead theme in the make as well? there is :P..