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File: InFlight10-10-16
Is there anyway to hide stopwatch?...
Posted By: Cindy1002
Is there anyway to hide stopwatch? I don't want to see it.
File: SBF 3.2 Beta11-22-10
Originally posted by Satrina I ha...
Posted By: Cindy1002
Originally posted by Satrina I haven't enabled weapon enchants in interactive frames, since they're bugged in Blizzard's secure aura stuff right now (you can't click them off.) Just show them in a monitor frame. I can't seem to get my rogue's poisons to appear at all.
File: RicoMiniMap11-18-10
curse client mess up
Posted By: Cindy1002
Hi Rico. I love your minimap and I realize your probably don't have this mod on curse for a reason but I still use the curse client to update my mods. Curse doesn't detect "r21524" as the most recent version.. it's picking up a "r79378.2" version as mot resent and if a curse client user updates to that version.. well it's not compati...
File: ag_UnitFrames10-13-10
Originally posted by asdf Any fix...
Posted By: Cindy1002
Originally posted by asdf Any fix for 4.0 yet? Disabling extras seems to make targeting work again. No ability to unlock the targets to move though.
File: RicoMiniMap04-18-10
Ok... seems all you have to do is d...
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Ok... seems all you have to do is delete the old version of ricos and fresh install the new one. Should note I use the curse client to update stuff.
File: RicoMiniMap04-18-10
Originally posted by Ricowan I ca...
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Originally posted by Ricowan I can't duplicate this in my system. Does this happen if RicoMiniMap is the only addon enabled? With everything but Rico's disabled.. --------------------------------------------- Message: Interface\AddOns\RicoMiniMap\RicoMiniMap.lua:6: Cannot find a library instance of AceLocale-2.2. Time...
File: RicoMiniMap04-11-10
Not a fun error.
Posted By: Cindy1002
Looks like someone else had this problem. I downloaded and put Ace2 into the addon folder but same thing. Should be noted I've NEVER had to download Ace before and put it in the addon folder. :P Date: 2010-04-11 22:35:09 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\RicoMiniMap\RicoMiniMap.lua line 447: attemp...
File: Ion: Alerts04-11-10
After a break from WoW I ran curse...
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After a break from WoW I ran curse updater and everything was fine until I ran into my first group need/greed window. I suddenly found it in a crazy place and macaroon wasn't in control of it! Glad I found this, it'd have driven me crazy trying to figure out what was going on. :)
File: Ion: Menu Bar10-16-09
How to disable minimap autohide?
Posted By: Cindy1002
How do I disable the minimap button autohide. Xtras map feature screws up many modes that have minimap icons with drop-down menus. Mouse off to the menu and the menu disappears because the buttons disappear.
File: Ion: Menu Bar08-26-09
Posted By: Cindy1002
Thanks Shefki for the fix. Thanks Burnum for explaining it.
File: LightHeaded08-07-09
Originally posted by Cladhaire No...
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Originally posted by Cladhaire No, LightHeaded has been updated for hours. I suggest you ensure you are using the latest version before reporting any issues. The window is properly aligned with the default quest log and works just fine. I am/was using the most recent version, 295... even though the game says 296. The problem...
File: MetaMap08-06-09
*cheers* I'm glad to see Metamap...
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*cheers* I'm glad to see Metamap has recovered, when it broke and it looked like no update was coming I had to go to cartographer and have been sad since. I'm curious, is Gatherer compatible with metamap? The reason i ask is because when I lost all my node data when I lost metamap, I switched over to gatherer for node tracking.......
File: LightHeaded08-05-09
You're probably still waiting on yo...
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You're probably still waiting on your servers to come back online but I just wanted to toss out there that the Lightheaded frame/window is terribly not aligned AND none of the quest into from wowhead is appearing. I am using HK_QuestInitiators and GFW_Levelator.. but those are just adding thing inside the default quest frame (the...
File: DagAssist07-31-09
I'm loving me some DagAssist.. made...
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I'm loving me some DagAssist.. made life as a mage sooooooooo much easier! Put me down on the list of people that want... no... NEED DagAssist-Fubar compatibility. Yes there are other mods that do what DagAssist does, but they're not as comprehensive and that's why we love DagAssist. It does the work of 10 different FuBar mods...
File: ag_UnitFrames07-24-09
Originally posted by Soulblaze @C...
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Originally posted by Soulblaze @Cindy: Have you tried setting the desired profile and then reloading your UI? That worked thanks. Another question.. is there anyway to setup the raid group frames without being in a raid/bg?
File: ag_UnitFrames07-12-09
can't share profiles
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Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I can't load my profile from 1 character to the next. I laid out the unitframes how I like on 1 character. Switch characters, go to existing and select the name I used before.. the frames don't change. I tried all the listing, I switched back to the original character, deleted all the profiles lis...
File: Deadly Boss Mods - Victory Sound06-12-09
Love it! Nothing like hearing the F...
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Love it! Nothing like hearing the Final Fantasy victory music when defeating a boss. :)
File: Ion: Menu Bar02-08-09
I made the silly silly mistake of d...
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I made the silly silly mistake of deleting the bag bar on one of my characters instead of hiding it... short of resetting the profile for the character is there anyway for me to recreate it and how? Thanks!
File: LightHeaded01-23-09
Originally posted by Cladhaire It...
Posted By: Cindy1002
Originally posted by Cladhaire It's not my addon, so no. There is no reason I'm aware of it should have stopped working. Hmm. I'll try reinstalling it. Regardless, it'd be awesome to see it's functionality added to Lightheaded. :)
File: LightHeaded01-21-09
Doublewide doesn't seem to be worki...
Posted By: Cindy1002
Doublewide doesn't seem to be working anymore, no message, it just doesn't do the double pane.. any chance you could fix it or integrate it?
File: DoubleWide01-21-09
I know it's old and abandoned.. but...
Posted By: Cindy1002
I know it's old and abandoned.. but doublewide doesn't seem to work now. Any chance of fixing it? No error.. it just doesn't do anything.
File: MetaMap (Fan Update)10-28-08
Thankyou so much!
Posted By: Cindy1002
Thankyou so much!
File: MetaMap10-14-08
Doesn't work anymore...
Posted By: Cindy1002
So WoW 3.0 has killed it again.. anyone going to figure out a work around? :(
File: LightHeaded07-29-07
quest levels?
Posted By: Cindy1002
So I got doublewide, tom tom, and lightheaded... but I can't figure this out, in the screenshots, how did you get the quest level to appear in the quest log?