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File: RDX01-14-13
Window Wizard
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I was trying to create a reputation bar and I received an error. OpenRDX was the only addon I have enabled and I tried both Sylas pack and the default theme. The error I'm receiving is: Interface\AddOns\RDX\Wizards\WindowWizard.lua:379: attempt to index global 'pld' (a nil value) Stack trace: ----------- : ? Interface\AddOns\...
File: Sapper: Sap and Blind Warnings04-03-07
Re: Re: warning
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Originally posted by TJourney I'm in the process of converting Sapper over to an Ace format (my NielasAran addon is my first successful Ace attempt) once I finish, I will be adding a lot more customizability to Sapper! Alright many thanks. Looking forward to it. Liam
File: Sapper: Sap and Blind Warnings04-01-07
Posted By: Liamdrien
Hello I use your great addon and I love it but I was curious is there any way to disable the warning when a party member attacks the sapped target? Also I was curious if there's any way to announce when sap has say 10 seconds left? If I can get the information I don't mind doing the work myself. Thanks for the help. Liamdrien