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File: Chicchai12-07-17
Re: legion update
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What the sweaty hell?!?! This is awesome!
File: GoGoMount09-02-16
Didn't it used to alphabetize?
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I've used this lovely addon for such a long time and love it... but I seem to remember it alphabetizing the mount lists versus sorting them by vague chronological appearance in game. Am I insane?
File: famBags07-26-16
I'm in the same boat as you. I foun...
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I'm in the same boat as you. I found Adibags shortly after the patch, and while it works, it's missing that magic of Fambags. Thanks for the reply. Good to see others miss Fambags too. You're preaching to the choir :( I far prefer Fambags to anything else I've used, but I didn't expect to see a Legion update... the WoD one c...
File: famBags07-25-16
Patch 7.0 complete broke Fambags (a...
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Patch 7.0 complete broke Fambags (at least for me). If you decide to update it I will be getting you that Redbull :banana: AdiBags is about the closest you'll find in functionality, and it just got updated. Not exactly what I want, but it will do.
File: famBags10-24-14
w00p w00p w00p!!! SOOOOO glad it...
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w00p w00p w00p!!! SOOOOO glad it's back!
File: Chicchai11-10-12
Anything? Anyone doing a fan update...
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Anything? Anyone doing a fan update or anything at all?
File: Chicchai09-05-12
Re: Chichai Improved
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I've been working on this addon for fun. I've added slash commands to limit the amount of lines displayed at a given time and fixed the bugs that would make the chatframe freeze in a minimized state. It's not quite ready for release and I'm still waiting to hear back from Lolzen, but just letting yall know. Any new Gwythian...
File: Overachiever07-07-10
Re: Got this error
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Originally posted by Xylan Trueheart whenever I tried to insert into the chat window a searched achievement As seen by BugGrabber,english American client, 5x Overachiever_Tabs-0.54\build.lua:452: attempt to index global 'ChatFrameEditBox' (a nil value) Locals: --- If updates are note forthcoming soon, you can edit...
File: Chicchai07-02-10
Wow Cargor, you are truly a lifesav...
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Wow Cargor, you are truly a lifesaver! The "little addon" you posted is PERFECT! Now I can fix the one frame that was pissing me off and life is good again =D
File: Chicchai06-30-10
@ bottom vs centering: Sorry, that...
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@ bottom vs centering: Sorry, that's not something up to Chicchai to handle ;) This depends solely on the chat frame position / anchor, which again depends on your chat frame addon or the default Blizz UI. More indepth stuff: Anchors work via :SetPoint() which is basically a way of telling WoW to "anchor the edge of the chat fram...
File: Chicchai06-28-10
On a separate note, is there any wa...
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On a separate note, is there any way to replicate the single greatest part of our dear departed MiniChat... the ability to change the alpha on minimized windows! I don't mind having a couple lines showing if they're nearly invisible. It really cleans up my UI. Oh, and how about the ability to have the windows animate to the b...
File: Chicchai06-28-10
I found a rather curious bug. If I...
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I found a rather curious bug. If I make buttons to run the minimize and maximize scripts they work beautifully... UNLESS I mouseover one of the effected frames causing it to auto-maximize. The minimize script will no longer work no matter how many times I click the button... until I press the maximize one once (even though the fra...
File: PhanxChat06-23-10
Re: Re: Chat Box
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Originally posted by Phanx Read the notice at the top of the addon description and download the 3.3.5-compatible version off the Beta tab. Hah, if only I could read :) Lovin' ya Phanx!
File: PhanxChat06-22-10
I'm sure this isn't news to anyone,...
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I'm sure this isn't news to anyone, but many chat mods were broken with 3.3.5. PhanxChat among them :(
File: TweakWoW06-19-09
Originally posted by GravityDK Lo...
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Originally posted by GravityDK Looks like it improved my situation too, thanks! Brilliant tip. I blogged on it here, btw. Don't thank me, thank dumb luck when I was searching for i7 overclocking guides on Anandtech :) And it appears that the newest versions does indeed support the aforementioned setting for 8 cores.
File: TweakWoW06-15-09
Originally posted by GravityDK Th...
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Originally posted by GravityDK The options relating to CPU affinity and so on interest me; I have an Intel i7 920. I think that's a quad-core (each with 2 threads?), it has hyperthreading: which affinity and related settings is optimal? ps. read this thread to reduce in-game latency http://lifeandcode.net/2009/05/reduce-game-ne...
File: PhanxChat10-14-08
I'm also getting the scrollback err...
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I'm also getting the scrollback error (on mousewheel) using