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File: MendWatch06-03-07
Siralori : added to MendWatch-Local...
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Siralori : added to MendWatch-Locale.lua. zzing: yes, there's a problem, probably due to changes in events. I will try to fix it asap.
File: MendWatch06-02-07
Zzing: it's absolutely the same cod...
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Zzing: it's absolutely the same code that the 0.2. What has changed is not the addon, but the wow client. See the Jashugan' post. If mw only displays 'expired', the PoM has not jumped to another player. The last healing is not displayed if it's on you. I will try to do a fix for that.
File: MendWatch05-31-07
Important : please follow this link...
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Important : please follow this link http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info7181.html if you updated versions of MendWatch.
File: MendWatch05-30-07
Jashugan -> oui c'est corrigé, norm...
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Jashugan -> oui c'est corrigé, normalement.
File: MendWatch05-29-07
Merci, Feu :) Je mets à jour et...
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Merci, Feu :) Je mets à jour et teste ce soir, après la maintenance. ----- thank you for your encouragements
File: MendWatch05-26-07
Originally posted by txamethyst i...
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Originally posted by txamethyst i get this error on the first jump of PoM. what do i need to do to fix the problem? i've looked at other trackers, and just don't really like them. "MendWatch-0.1\\MendWatch.lua:367: attempt to concatenate field 'victim' (a boolean value)" Replace info.victim in the line self: Debu...
File: MendWatch05-25-07
Re: Feedback and a feature request
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Originally posted by Meldas However, the visual player I am, I have a feature request: Is it possible to attach the prayer of mending bars to the corresponding Unit Frames? So, if a prayer is on party member 2 the bar is shown at his unit frame (with a configurable x/y offset)? You certainly can add the PoM to the list of buffs...
File: MendWatch05-25-07
First, you can comment the line 365...
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First, you can comment the line 365 (or delete it). For the error line 380, you can change the line if self.bars.target == target then by the following : if self.bars.target == target and info.amount ~= nil then These errors are probably caused by events that were not fired before, like SPELLTERSE_SELF or SPELL...
File: MendWatch03-11-07
There's a lack for non english clie...
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There's a lack for non english client. Replace line 349 of MendWatch.lua by : if n == BS then (original is: if n == "Prayer of Mending" then )