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File: Bigtank08-12-14
Google Translate (which admittedly...
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Google Translate (which admittedly aint great); Note: 1 The plug-in is only for defensive barrier and shield warrior Shield Block Monitor 2 is only applicable default avatar functions: 1. graphic display shield barrier uptake percentage consumed 2 text display shield barrier uptake predictive value 3 text display the current v...
File: VuhDo11-30-09
Finally managed to configure VuhDo...
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Finally managed to configure VuhDo much like my Grid layout. But i'm having problems finding 1 option (don't know if it exists): Is it possible to have all the frames hidden until your in a raid group? Or do I have to "filter out" my self/group while soloing or in party?
File: Combuctor08-04-09
Please don't discontinue Combuctor....
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Please don't discontinue Combuctor. I prefer the appearance and "tab design" of the Combuctor addon, over the appearance of Bagnon. Really didn't care for the design with having profession bags mixed in with the rest of the bags, and thats why I prefer Combuctor with its tabs.
File: TipTac LUA07-11-09
I'm assuming this is his personal c...
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I'm assuming this is his personal config for TipTac?
File: GathererDB WoWHead11-24-08
Re: Re: QQ babies
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Originally posted by keller999 Not to stick up for the QQ'ers, but WoWHead has most, if not all, of the nodes already in their database. I don't think it's a matter of collecting nodes -- sounds like WoWHead just hasn't done their part yet to update this mod. My 2c. Agreed. Wowhead needs to update the database part for the...
File: GathererDB WoWHead11-22-08
Any chance for an updated database...
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Any chance for an updated database being uploaded here soon? Been flying around Northrend trying to find some of the mining nodes seen on Wowhead.com, but not finding most of them.
File: BUFX02-17-07
Missing two things - Target of T...
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Missing two things - Target of Target - MobHealth Support Also as already mentioned, would be helpful if the background color for health/mana/rage/energy would change depending on class/form. As an addition since this mod has support for a built-in xp bar, it would be great if you could add a hover support to see how much xp g...