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File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant01-01-11
I gotta say, I love this addon. I...
Posted By: Harshmage
I gotta say, I love this addon. I powerleveled from 16 to 300 in a night. And because I've had so many of my friends ask me how Archaeology works, I did a little video, and up'ed it to YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfR4zh3DVAc I've disabled comments because I 'um' a lot, and I don't like to be told about it.
File: ImprovedMerchant12-05-10
Repairs or a replacement?
Posted By: Harshmage
I hate to say it, but it's been over a year since anything has been done with ImprovedMerch. While it had a great system to it, I suggest using xMerchant as a replacement.
File: wMarker10-07-10
This replaced an entire bar and set...
Posted By: Harshmage
This replaced an entire bar and set of macros for me, thank you very much! I would also like to point out that the MMOUI Minion has issues with this one. The version that's reported on the site and the version in the .toc file aren't the same, so it errors out. I got the fresh version, changed the version from 1.0 to 1.3 and it...
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window03-07-10
Originally posted by wildcard thi...
Posted By: Harshmage
Originally posted by wildcard this si happening to me too, often requiring a foreced WoW shutdown :( I'm getting the same problem. However, only when I sort by Category. Until this gets resolved, I'm using Jobber. Others that do similar to ATSW are Cauldron, Ackis Recipe List, and Producer. I offer these links in no offen...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames12-09-09
Posted By: Harshmage
I've found something that seems to have been going on for some time with me. It was a problem with PitBull, which is why I decided to switch to something else to see if it was just that. Every time I attempt to right-click on a target/pet/whatevah, and set Focus on that target, I get this: Date: 2009-12-09 22:28:04 ID: 1 Error...
File: Dominos10-09-09
Originally posted by Tuller 1.12....
Posted By: Harshmage
Originally posted by Tuller 1.12.1 should fix the 3.3 issues. Yep that did it!
File: Dominos10-07-09
I'm using Dominos in the PTR, and i...
Posted By: Harshmage
I'm using Dominos in the PTR, and it was working quite nicely up until the patch today. Menu bar is no longer attached Totem bars (all three) are gone. Error code for Dominos: Date: 2009-10-07 18:27:40 ID: 2 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\Dominos\menuBar.lua line 95: attempt to index local 'b' (a...
File: Postal08-10-09
Originally posted by Xinhuan Hi a...
Posted By: Harshmage
Originally posted by Xinhuan Hi all, I'll have an update out for Postal within the hour. Hang tight! Goodies for everyone! Cool beans! When you get yours up, the mini patch I hacked together will go down. No need for a branch when I really don't know what on earth I'm doing.
File: AlphaMap08-07-09
Any word on a 3.2 update? Willing...
Posted By: Harshmage
Any word on a 3.2 update? Willing to test prior to release!
File: Buffed!06-08-09
45 works for Width, but at the same...
Posted By: Harshmage
45 works for Width, but at the same time, I'd like to see things that have long timers to show the exact time (29:25 compared to 29m). Or at least a config type option for that.
File: Bagnon02-17-09
Bagnon_Forever/Tooltips w/ Guild Bank?
Posted By: Harshmage
Tuller, Is there a chance we'll see Bagnon_Forever and _Tooltips work with Guild Banks?
File: Enhanced Tradeskills (Fan Update)01-28-09
3.0.8 Error
Posted By: Harshmage
I believe the 3.0.8 patch did something to muck up the code for ETS. At least where Inscription is involved, the skill window is completely blank. No text in any location, just the player image in the top left corner. No error messages either.
File: LunarSphere01-22-09
Posted By: Harshmage
Gratz on the full release! I've been watching LunarSphere develop for quite some time (since stage 4 if my memory serves correctly...maybe stage 3, if it serves macaroni and cheese). Well thought out on the development plan, even when the WoW lua API got changed on you several times. Good on ya!
File: Gun Silencer/Suppressor01-20-09
Posted By: Harshmage
I and my wife thank you very much! I've been using a gun for months, and the noise isn't very pleasing to me. My wife has NEVER used a gun because of the noise, and now she's gotten her skill all the way up because of this! I just wish there was an easier way to install it like a standard addon...
File: Daviesh's Trap Frame08-19-08
First time user
Posted By: Harshmage
First time user for this, and not very bad at all! This and the Aspect Frame are very nice, as I don't have to configure buttons for them now! By any chance, is there a Tracking Frame in the works? That, and a Pet Function bar would take up all the rest of Hunter button needs.
File: Tungsten: Carbide05-26-08
So far, so good...
Posted By: Harshmage
Thanks for adding the name colorization in this latest iteration! It's much easier to identify players now. I've been running nice and stable for a good while now. I can't think of any bugs I've gotten with beta.4, and I'm running WIM v2.4.15 on top.
File: Tungsten: Carbide04-04-08
Request: Colored Names in Public Chats
Posted By: Harshmage
I did a little with TrinityChat last night, and I like it, as it does most of the things I'd like, and doesn't have the 16-billion options (that I don't use) that Prat has. However, I would like to see something akin to one feature of Prat and TasteTheNamebow: Colored Names in Public Chat Channels. What TTN does is for all the diff...
File: Totemus04-02-08
Re: Substitute
Posted By: Harshmage
Originally posted by jouret TotemTimers Even better: PitBull. Built-in TotemTimers, and a bunch of other stuff.
File: Saeris's LootLink01-24-07
Posted By: Harshmage
By any chance, is there an SVN out there that you upload changes to? Like the WoWACE SVN, only not broken on patch days...
File: Saeris's LootLink01-09-07
Errors with 2.0.3
Posted By: Harshmage
BugSack is catching a lot of stuff as of the 2.0.3 patch: 2007/01/09 21:10:53-59-x27]: LootLink\LootLink_Parsing.lua:172: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'MOUSEOVER_PARSING_DELAY' (a nil value) LootLink\LootLink_Main.lua:101: in function `Main_OnEvent' LootLink\LootLink_Main.lua:152: in function
File: CS_AddOnOrganizer01-05-07
Feature request
Posted By: Harshmage
What I'm asking for, I don't know if it would be easy, but can CS_AOO assign character names according to the profile they are using in the .lua SV file? I haven't seen a .lua file (yet) that specifies a certain loadout for a specific character, either in the global SV folder, or the character SV folder. Essentially, I'm trying t...
File: FuBar - FactionsFu12-20-06
Posted By: Harshmage
Originally posted by Grilor I installed the last version of FuBar - FactionsFU and now im getting an error. Error: attempt to index global 'L'(a nil value) AddOn: Fu-Bar_FactionsFU File: FuBar_FactionFu.lua Line: 166 Count: 1 Build version is rev 21550 Same problem. Ace SVN as of 12/20/2006 7:49pm Arizona.
File: FuBar - FarmerFu12-18-06
Re: Re: FarmerFu-MoneyFu Compatability?
Posted By: Harshmage
Originally posted by Aileen This is the first I am hearing about any conflict with MoneyFu, but I have always run both without problems. The last comment about a conflict was in late October on the MoneyFu board. I had the same problem, where the the rest of my FuBar plugins would stop loading after the first Fu error. I'll t...
File: FuBar - FarmerFu12-18-06
FarmerFu-MoneyFu Compatability?
Posted By: Harshmage
Anyone know if FarmerFu still has the conflict with MoneyFu?