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File: BigRed10-14-10
really nice addon. could you pl...
Posted By: Saphyra
really nice addon. could you please if you can, of course, update it for cata? and also, could you please also do in the addon, the way that we can Hide all messages??? great job anyway. thanks for this
File: Ion: Menu Bar11-21-08
hi Maul, this is double post on ma...
Posted By: Saphyra
hi Maul, this is double post on macarron comment! so i wanna complain about a bug in the macaroon extra modul about the pet bar. on the point that petbar is working well when using a pet or get a pet. but with wotlk, we can all realise that we have a lot of mounts mods with actionbar and also transformation mods also with...
File: Crystal UI (Aion: Tower of Eternity)10-22-08
nice Ui, just to prepare us to aion...
Posted By: Saphyra
nice Ui, just to prepare us to aion: tower of Eternity UI :P that good to get it before the game came out.. thanks for that^^
File: TotemManager10-18-08
problem with TM.
Posted By: Saphyra
ok nice addon, and last version was really the best one . but i have a little problem with this one, the bar appears and i can move it on the screen with unlock, but i dont have any of the clickable icons on the side as on your screen. on the preview version, we could click on the icons on side from bars and we had the totem di...