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File: ZMobDB Advanced607-30-16
Posted By: Dant
6.9.2alpha *Update for 7.0.3pre patch this ver needs FileDataLib by TOM_RUS not include,plz install FileDataLib addon *update TOC *only fix error, tested only self,target,ToT,Eye Catch,event animations plz report if you find issue. I'll wait 2weeks to go out
File: ZMobDB Advanced607-24-16
Re: ZIP folder
Posted By: Dant
sorry too late, I re-install WoW starter edition and test ZMobDB, but its NOT work correctly and Im still sleeping under the grave I'll challenge , but plz not expect Hi, the latest version of this mod doesn't come packaged with a folder to place under Interface\AddOns\, which may result in the mod not working when installed...
File: ZMobDB Advanced608-17-15
6.8.1 alpha
Posted By: Dant
6.8.1 alpha on stage * update TOC * Swapped from "SetCamera" to "SetPortraitZoom" for Fix portrait model issue * small bugs has occurred (not tested tested only Lv1,Single charactor at Start zone because Im not in WoW now :/ if you find issue, plz back to pre ver. 6.8.1alpha fix "portrait" model issue but has small bugs...
File: ZMobDB Advanced608-09-15
Posted By: Dant
Im surprised that there are few players who are still using my addon /lol I create test account and check ZMobDB, found same issues but sorry I already dead and its more than two years ago I saw addon code ZMobDB use model:SetCamera(0) API when model use Portrait view.if that API will not work, all races has same issue. I r...
File: ZMobDB Advanced603-19-13
known issues
Posted By: Dant
Blizz set value of max buttons of DropDown Menu to 8 ( users cant change those ) you will get taint log about " CompactRaidFrame1:Show() " http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6413024969 but Zmob will not stop and can use DropDown Menu include more 8 buttons
File: ZMobDB Advanced612-22-12
Posted By: Dant
6.7.4 * update TOC * update Model Scale Range, all models can set more Small update model scale limit. all models can set more small scale when use ALT Key + Left Mouse Button Command
File: ZMobDB Advanced610-16-12
big models
Posted By: Dant
Hey, great addon Dant! Used it a lot when i played back in wotlk(?). Anyways jsut started ot play a pandaria abit. Nothing to do hueuhe. I really love to make my UI special. And i got this idea that i would have This npc constantly on the screen. Know its silly but would like to try. How can i modify Zmob to show the same npc c...
File: ZMobDB Advanced610-06-12
6.7.3 beta
Posted By: Dant
6.7.3 * update for 5.0.4API Changes I checked 5.0.4API Changes Log and change code about Event Handle,Raid,Group etc but didnt check in game I need user's report for build PS My trial charactor goes to Org Auction House and I'd see players who wearing new (for me) armors but didnt feel FPS issues. now I dont play wo...
File: ZMobDB Advanced610-05-12
slow mode
Posted By: Dant
will there be a mop update on this =)? When i load it on out of date option i get frame freezes.. i have 70-90 fps but sudden freezes from my char or NPC that are just taking a walk by me. I rly hope for an update becouse reborn ui is build on Zmob basicly. sorry now I not playing WoW and no-error found in Trial Ver. * plz...
File: ZMobDB Advanced602-16-12
check point
Posted By: Dant
>a face closeup and no change is possible users cant chenge model view when... * Auto Portrait ON to that model file * Portrait View ON to that unit window * Enable option OFF to that unit window
File: ZMobDB Advanced601-19-12
Posted By: Dant
somehow for some reason i cant move human male anywhere =/. or zoom him out nor in. is it something that cant be changed? or is just my version bugged. checked but no error found
File: ZMobDB Advanced609-17-11
6.6.3 up
Posted By: Dant
Originally posted by Massivefro I wanted to ask if there was a way to make the images click through so that I can enlarge the images some. I currently have to cut the pictures off by keeping them small and out of my way of accidentally clicking on a non-clickable area when turning my screen, especially during raiding. Is that possi...
File: ZMobDB Advanced608-25-11
Re: All models
Posted By: Dant
>By any chance is there a command to copy the data from one model to all other models in the database (and possibly have a few exceptions)? CAUTION Even if data base destroyed, I do not assume the responsibility. 1) check model data name that you want to copy "from" (ex : NPC_orcmale ) 2) copy data to "default" (ex : /zmob cop...
File: ZMobDB Advanced607-09-11
Re: Target Buffs and debuffs
Posted By: Dant
Originally posted by scadaman I just started using this and when i have a target that has a buff, such as when i select myself while i have mark of the wild on, or someone who has mark of the wild on them, it shows a little bar that says mark of the wild and the time remaining next to the target's frame, and i cant figure out how t...
File: ZMobDB Advanced606-14-11
Posted By: Dant
- simple data mode OFF : database will create data for type (NPC_ Player_ etc) ON : database will create data per Model File ex : while Simple Data Mode OFF, "NPC_OrcMale" and "Player_OrcMale" data will created and you can set different view. but while ON, only "OecMale" data will created and will use same view setting for all "...
File: ZMobDB Advanced605-04-11
thx info
Posted By: Dant
Originally posted by DanielCoffey Excellent work - nicely done! DWARF MALE dead animation - falls over backwards away from camera, no flickering DRAENAI FEMALE dead animation - falls over backwards away from camera with a little flip in the air, no flickering thx report.seems all issues out.at last, can goto grave :o Z...
File: ZMobDB Advanced605-04-11
Posted By: Dant
6.6.2beta1 * update Animation System script * re-build Dwarf Male's DEAD animation * re-build Draenei's DEAD animation NOTE : * Draenei Female not tested
File: ZMobDB Advanced605-03-11
Posted By: Dant
Originally posted by DanielCoffey I have just created a Dwarf Male model, made sure the Player Model was displayed and allowed myself to be killed. Yes, the dead DWARF MALE model flickers. Most of the time the corpse is facing forwards lying face down but the flickers are a reflection of the corpse facing away from the viewer. I...
File: ZMobDB Advanced605-02-11
plz check messages
Posted By: Dant
Originally posted by jeremy1048 Getting an image position pain on dragonkin models. All others appear in the same position as the others. Dragonkin, however, disappear into the bottom left corner and still so new at this don't know how to drag them into few. Managed it by fluke once. plz check chat window. "Update Model Settin...
File: ZMobDB Advanced604-30-11
plz check file name
Posted By: Dant
Originally posted by jeremy1048 Errors found: Date: 2011-04-30 09:41:46 ID: 3 Error occured in: Global Count: 127 Message: ..\AddOns\ZMobDB\ZMobDB.lua line 172: bad argument #1 to 'find' (string expected, got nil) Debug: : ? : find() ZMobDB\ZMobDB.lua:172: ?() ZMobDB\ZMobDB.lua:3441: ZMobDB\ZMobDB...
File: ZMobDB Advanced604-30-11
Posted By: Dant
sorry for waiting upload 6.6.1beta1 for patch 4.1 6.6.1beta1 * Add code for patch 4.1 * small bugs are still on. * not tested, needs users report for next step
File: ZMobDB Advanced604-29-11
Posted By: Dant
thx notice. I have to check API change for update and re- install 10days free account :D plz give me few days I will write progress report here
File: ZMobDB Advanced601-28-11
about worgen issue
Posted By: Dant
Originally posted by Legomannen Worgens dont seem to react normaly, I get the whole picture, but i like to see only the face, and that dont show. Is this because their model is not suported? plz read previous post
File: ZMobDB Advanced612-31-10
Posted By: Dant
Originally posted by drakeh Hey. One question. How can I move frames? plz check addon info or readme.txt before post
File: ZMobDB Advanced612-29-10
can do
Posted By: Dant
Originally posted by drakeh Hello. I wanted to ask. Can this addons do this http://img232.imageshack.us/img232/3410/41507513.png yep :) and have some advanced features