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File: My Grid2 Setup12-08-14
Posted By: digitalus
I love using your setup with RealUI. Works very well. Thank you! I saw you were requesting some ideas on what abilities healing Priests need to track; mine is still leveling, but here's a few that I think would be useful (a veteran Priest will need to tell us): Prayer of Mending (both specs) Power Word: Shield (both specs) Re...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames01-06-07
Posted By: digitalus
I love X-Perl; it makes my entire gaming experience better. The improvements and fixes you've worked on so quickly have made this the number one mod I recommend to all of my guildmates and battleground friends. Thank you. For me, this mod is perfection.
File: Cryolysis v1.2.508-31-06
I love this mod. Every UI setup I'v...
Posted By: digitalus
I love this mod. Every UI setup I've used has this included, without fail. In my opinion, it's a must-have for mages of all levels. Thank you for the excellent job! Functional and great looking!