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File: WoW Reforged Icons (Classic Frame)07-22-20
Re: Square
Posted By: Kedras666
I love the look of the icons' images (at least in the example pics) but it wouldn't work for my UI unless you made a version with square icons (I noticed they look like the corners are cut off)... any chance of a square version too? :D I like the current border design because it blends with other icons quite well, but if you insis...
File: WoW Reforged Icons (Classic Frame)06-17-20
Any chance you can reverse the orde...
Posted By: Kedras666
Any chance you can reverse the order of your changelog (i.e. newest changes at the top)? No problem, fixed that.
File: WoW Reforged Icons (Classic Frame)05-18-20
Gratz Mate! possible update with mo...
Posted By: Kedras666
Gratz Mate! possible update with most of the icons? or almost all ;)) Thanks a lot ! <3 That could be possible, although these icons are pretty much meant to replace the icons that were imported from Wc3 in first place, my idea was to update the icons of old to match the Reforged ones. I might add more icons, though if anything I...