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File: QuestGuru_Classic10-14-19
Posted By: Emrak
Hi there! Thanks for the great addon, I love it. :) Suggestion: Could you make it so that clicking on a tracked quest causes the quest book to open up? That's really the only thing that could make this addon even better.
File: Monolith DKP10-14-19
Posted By: Emrak
Maybe I'm just a filthy noob, but what does "DKP" stand for? It doesn't mention it anywhere in the addon description. Thanks!
File: LFGShout09-23-19
Hi there! Nice add-on I really appr...
Posted By: Emrak
Hi there! Nice add-on I really appreciate the simplicity of the design. I would like to make one suggestions though; don't promote using other channels to look for groups. Nudge your users into good behavior and let it only spam LFG channel, leave everything else for everything else. Thank you. Hi and thank's for the feedback. I...
File: Auction House DataBase (AHDB) Classic09-11-19
Re: Re: How to update?
Posted By: Emrak
As long as you don't delete your saved variables you can update that way Thanks for the speedy response! How would I know if I'm deleting saved variables?
File: Auction House DataBase (AHDB) Classic09-10-19
How to update?
Posted By: Emrak
Hi there! Great add-on and I think it'll be cool to see the final collated dataset you create out of this. That said, I do have a question about upgrading. When you release a new version, should I just delete the old version and replace it with the new version? That is what I do with most add-ons, but I don't want to delete the l...
File: IAmAMerchant Classic09-10-19
A little confused
Posted By: Emrak
I might be blind, but I can't find a description for this add-on, so I'm a little confused. What does this add-on do, exactly? Thanks