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File: ClassicAuraDurations06-15-20
Hello. Should this adon not show th...
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Hello. Should this adon not show the warrior recklessness on the target portrait frame?
File: AbyssUI Classic11-20-19
background color
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Hello. How can I change the background of the target name to slightly dark? (What would be the same with the player frame.) https://prnt.sc/pzqy3d https://prnt.sc/pzqy3d
File: AbyssUI Classic11-15-19
Re: Re: Re: Re: Thanks!
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I have to change the name of that option. If you read the description when you hover your mouse over the title, it will say exactly what it does. Not a good name for that option I know, it basically makes the name background transparent. https://prnt.sc/pwxlcu Sorry, this option should only work for the player frame? I just...
File: AbyssUI Classic11-14-19
Re: Re: Thanks!
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It doesn't work if you have Unit Frame Improved enabled. "Transparent Name" option - dont work. I dont use "Unit Frame Improved" and "Transparent Name" still does not work. https://prnt.sc/pwxlcu https://prnt.sc/pwxlcu
File: AbyssUI Classic11-04-19
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"Transparent Name" option - dont work.
File: modui08-30-19
Hello! Thanks again.
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It would be very good, if you made a smooth health bars update and the color of the health bars, depending on its quantity.:)
File: modui08-28-19
Thanks! Change texture.
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How can i return the original blizzard texture to the bar of the character’s health / target health and nameplate?