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File: VuhDo Classic10-24-19
Smart Cast Rez
Posted By: EttaGnome
With this lastest update the smart cast Rez has stopped working for me. Has anyone else had this issue? I now have to go through and manually target every party member instead of just clicking on their raid frame. I've already tried unchecking Resurrect and rechecking it under Smart Cast and that doesn't seem to help. Any ideas?...
File: VuhDo Classic08-18-19
This is probably a REALLY stupid qu...
Posted By: EttaGnome
This is probably a REALLY stupid question about this project, but I'm going to ask it anyway because I adore VuhDo. I know that things are drastically different between BfA and Classic since I've been playing for 14 years, but I'm looking forward to using VuhDo when I roll priest in Classic this time around. Is there any way to...