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File: Altz UI for BFA08-26-19
Redy Check
Posted By: Bananaakbar
Hello. This is a super stupid question I assume.. But in my group and raid frame, I do not see if people click ready or not.
File: Rufio UI Classic06-27-19
Prior to 8.2: I'm currently not p...
Posted By: Bananaakbar
Prior to 8.2: I'm currently not playing WoW. So don't expect any immediate updates in case of errors. However i'm sure i'll login from time to time and fix things. Mate please I can't stand with using normal UI :D
File: Altz UI for BFA03-17-19
Re: Update AuroraClassic manually
Posted By: Bananaakbar
Disregard my last post. I see now that this has been fixedin the master branch (not yet released). Download the latest AuroraClassic source from here: https://github.com/siweia/AuroraClassic/archive/master.zip Extract it and copy the files from ...\AuroraClassic-master\AuroraClassic to ...\_retail_\Interface\AddOns\AuroraClassic...