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File: OmniCD - Party cooldown tracker08-19-20
Re: Custom Notification Sounds
Posted By: treebonker
Awesome addon! Have you considered adding an option to play custom sounds with tracked cooldowns are used? I do have a plugin for CD/Aura alerts for personal use. Maybe someday...
File: OmniCD - Party cooldown tracker02-05-19
great addon, thanks for hard work...
Posted By: treebonker
great addon, thanks for hard work I wonder is this addon support normal oUF layout and Elvui like 1px border icon? You can use Masque for custom icon borders but there are no plans to add any aesthetic options in the addon itself.
File: OmniCD - Party cooldown tracker01-21-19
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Arena
Posted By: treebonker
Sorry. Forgot about this post. There's a bug that's been overlooked from the beginning. Disabling Group/Raid finder in the option disabled premade grouped instances as well. Fixed in v1.1.0d
File: OmniCD - Party cooldown tracker01-08-19
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Arena
Posted By: treebonker
Tested the UI addon and everything works for me, even in Arenas. If toggling "Test" in the options doesn't show the cooldown icons then somethings tampering with the default blizzard raid/party frames. Disable all other addons and try again. In case you had a corrupt install. Delete the addon and then delete files named OmniCD...
File: OmniCD - Party cooldown tracker01-07-19
Re: Re: Re: Arena
Posted By: treebonker
It was a regular group a friend of mine and I, regular queues. Are you using any kind of unitframe addon, lua errors, etc? I need more info to work with.
File: OmniCD - Party cooldown tracker01-05-19
Re: Arena
Posted By: treebonker
I did a few arena and arena option is checked and it's not showing my partner cooldowns... Is there another option I need to check somewhere? When not in a premade group and you are queued up for Skirmishes or any type of automated group instance you need to check Visibility > Group Type > Dungeon/Raid Finder.
File: OmniCD - Party cooldown tracker12-03-18
Re: Re: Re: Personal CDs
Posted By: treebonker
Glad you like it. :)
File: OmniCD - Party cooldown tracker11-21-18
Re: Personal CDs
Posted By: treebonker
This addon is showing every CD I set it to show of everyone in my group except myself. It is not showing my own personal CDs. Had a few more ppl request this. Option to display player CDs was added in v1.0.2b
File: OmniCD - Party cooldown tracker11-12-18
Re: Personal CDs
Posted By: treebonker
Its not suppose to show your cds. It would just be clutter as you have your own action bar for that.