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File: Improved Blizzard UI08-17-18
Re: Re: i can't move the unit frames
Posted By: krillep
i don't know why, but even after remove the lock position option, i can't move the player unit frame or the target unit frame, even the focus can't be moved. This is intentional. I use that functionality in the first place to set them. Many people are asking for the default position, or at least the ability to move them ourselv...
File: DiabolicUI (Goldpaw's Diablo UI)07-27-18
Hello! It seems it's not only finis...
Posted By: krillep
Hello! It seems it's not only finished, and profession quests. The quest, "Journey to Undercity" also takes priority. I'm assuming that quests in different zones from the one you're in, also take priority on being on the tracked objectives list :) Edit: Actually, nevermind that. It's still the only quest tracked after going to Und...
File: Improved Blizzard UI07-26-18
Original player frame & target
Posted By: krillep
Is it possible to get them back to their original position? :)