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File: Altz UI for BFA02-05-18
Cant join battleground.
Posted By: Rornard
Does anybody else have this problem? I can not join battlegrounds while Altz Ui is working. If I close it then I can join.
File: Altz UI for BFA12-20-17
Posted By: Rornard
Hello everyone, is there a way to change fonts while I use altz ui?
File: Overachiever12-05-17
Addon makes the game lag.
Posted By: Rornard
When I log in to the game the first time the overachiever addon seems not to work properly on the big map (it works normally on an area but when I zoom out to Eastern Kingdoms, for example, the game starts to lag badly) the only way I found how to avoid that is to reload the addon. Does anyone else have the same problem or it is just...