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File: ls: UI01-17-20
Hope you feel better soon, even if...
Posted By: sh77
Hope you feel better soon, even if it's just for a teeny update to fix the tooltips. They're using the default Blizzard textures/frames as of patch 8.3. I can't imagine a future for me with WoW without this addon. Yeah, I like it that much.
File: ls: UI04-19-19
Unit frame health percentage in brackets possible?
Posted By: sh77
Is it possible to adjust the unit frame health percentage to be in brackets, i.e.:- "120 Runic Warrior 54.7K (82.8%)" Not a huge deal (this is far and away my favourite UI), this slight change would only make it better for me personally. Perhaps there's some simple lua change involved? Thanks
File: ls: UI03-18-19
Damage Text
Posted By: sh77
Love this UI, but is there a way to display damage text, or any way to enable the default damage text to be displayed?
File: TipTop02-23-17
HUGE thanks for the latest update -...
Posted By: sh77
HUGE thanks for the latest update - the ability to disable class coloured borders/icons for NPCs is amazing.
File: MiirGui [Core]11-26-16
Love the look/feel of this addon....
Posted By: sh77
Love the look/feel of this addon. Is there any way to centre-align the zone text above the minimap?