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File: KkthnxUI08-23-18
Nameplates threat
Posted By: Gomezeu
https://imgur.com/a/RPt1A0H Playing as a protection pala, when I got aggro the nameplates shouldn't be green? Edit: I saw on GitHub, you already fixed the nameplates. Thank you ;)
File: KkthnxUI08-22-18
Threat on nameplates doesn't work properly
Posted By: Gomezeu
Hey. I'm using the latest version, playing as a tank the nameplates doesn't change the color by threat. I also checked the "Threat" box from Nameplates. Any idea?
File: SUI02-02-18
hey, really nice UI first of all :)...
Posted By: Gomezeu
hey, really nice UI first of all :) . I've got an issue with the raid frames targeting, during the raid. Sometimes doesn't target the right person and receive the following LUA error and i'm forced to reload.https://i.imgur.com/PW9rGCx.jpg