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File: quidzUI02-28-17
Posted By: Szikimaci
hey there! I really like this UI! can you please share some screenshots of it whil in a Raid? that's the most important thing for me, would love to see it in action! Thank you very much in advance, looking forward to try this UI.
File: Blacksteel UI08-12-16
Too bad for this UI. i would have u...
Posted By: Szikimaci
Too bad for this UI. i would have use it for a while, but it seems like it's not getting updated for the pre-patch now.
File: Blacksteel UI07-21-16
Hi there! I must say I am a real...
Posted By: Szikimaci
Hi there! I must say I am a really really lazy person but man. I love your UI so much,that I registered on this site,and commenting right now :) I love the theme and the colours of it,but it's completely broken with the legion pre-patch. Any chance that you will continue this UI? Thank you for your awesome work! Best regards!