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File: Aptechka Classic09-04-19
Login Issues
Posted By: pylar
I have the newest update, 1.13.9, and when logging in, it resets the Group Growth Direction I have set without changing the actual setting in the menu. I have it set to down, but logging in, it grows upwards. It still says down in the menu, so I set it to something else, then back to down, and it's fixed until I relog.
File: Clique07-17-18
Clique isn't working right with Lim...
Posted By: pylar
Clique isn't working right with Lime Raid Frames. I'm not sure if it's Clique's fault or LRF's fault. LRF has built-in click-binding, which might be interfering, but I strictly use Clique as a replacement of mouseover macros with keyboard binds, so I feel like it shouldn't be the (only) issue here. Using v80000-1.0.0.