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File: SilverUI for druid heal05-10-17
Re: Re: Re: help me if you can
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The option in KuiNameplates simply does not exist or I have not found Do you have a link for me to look at? got the target arrow in NPA2 to work by swapping Elv's nameplates for KuiNameplates don't know why this makes a difference but it does maybe cuz KuiNameplates still has target arrows and Elv doesn't which brings me to a...
File: SilverUI for druid heal05-08-17
Re: help me if you can
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Hello For NPA blizzard prohibited the setting of the orientation of the target, that is why this function is abandoned For oglow.tga and iglow.tga I have exactly the same problem, no solution :( (I use photoshop) and i work on this interface since September 2015 ... Actually I will try to quickly make a tutorial for the installati...
File: SilverUI for druid heal02-22-17
Re: Can you make One like This !!
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Hello Bro !! i want to Ask you ! if you can do something for me ?? i love this addons so Much !! and i want you to Make This Addon For Patch 7.0.3 and For Resolution 1440x900 And For Hunter Class And Thanks !! Hello for class hunter http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info23510-SilverUI2.html
File: SilverUI for druid heal08-24-16
will other healers work for this ui...
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will other healers work for this ui or just druid? yes works with other heal but you have to make changes in weakaura
File: SilverUI for druid heal01-31-16
Re: Green all over the screen!
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Getting green boxes on my screen where the player and target health frames go and at the bottom right where the skada frame/hotbars go... Really wanted to try this UI out.... normal green boxes , there must be a result updating the folder or silver are the images of the add on . It is removed after update to weakaura
File: SilverUI for druid heal01-06-16
is it possible to move the map fram...
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is it possible to move the map frame and the player model as mine are well and truly to cock yes everything is in the weak aura
File: OwD UI01-04-16
Hello is it possible to disable us...
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Hello is it possible to disable user portraits, I need only the map and the cast bar Thank you