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File: Titan Panel01-22-18
It's a default dropdown behavior. I...
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It's a default dropdown behavior. If there's not enough space to expand downward, it will instead expand upward. Um, there's less room to expand upwards than there is downward. Is there some way to scroll the list? I noticed the mousewheel and up/down arrows in the list don't do it?
File: Titan Panel01-20-18
Right Click on Top bar / Info sub menu expands upwards?
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I have the titan panel reputation and currency modules, and when you right click on the topbar, goto info, the submenu expands for all the currency and reputation expands upwards instead of downwards. https://imgur.com/a/VhTbThttps://imgur.com/a/VhTbT This a titanpanel thing, or something to do with Titan Panel Currency and/or...
File: Clique01-19-17
Profile Switch Commands
Posted By: JustJinxed
Any chance you could add a /slash command for clique to change profiles, rather than having to go to the addons menus every time. This would come in extra handy for some of us. I'd use it to switch from my normal battle profile, to fishing, and to Battlepets. Each one has different cliques setup, and putting such a thing into a macro...
File: ArkInventory10-26-16
Suggestion on Item Count
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In Settings -> Styles / Layout -> Items -> Items, There's a slider for Stack Limit and the note says "Displayed stacks might not be the newest or largest". Might you add an option for single stack, to show how many of the item we have in total? Ex: 8 stacks of 20 would show 160, instead of 20 Ex: Max stack for an item is 20...
File: Tidy Plates10-26-16
From the recent patch notes: "Addon...
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From the recent patch notes: "Addons can no longer perform actions on nameplate tokens." I'm curious if this change affected TidyPlates at all, or if you have any further information on this change Blizzard made in 7.1?
File: BindPad - GUI to set keybindings for spell/item/macro07-20-16
Bindpad and 7.0.3
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You still alive in there, Tageshi? Just checking, considering Legion went live and I don't see any new posts or commits yet. (which is odd, because bindpad's macro bind ability broke between WoD and now) Or did this whole thing move to the Bindpad WoD Beta page? Anyhow, hope the world is treating you well, xoxo and all that....
File: TomTom11-18-15
State of TomTom?
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Ya know, every time I have tried this mod, there is always something HUGE wrong or not working. One time it was a bug with accidentally clicking the crazyarrow. The mod would go error out nuts, lockup the client and require a ctrl-break. This time, you can't set the arrow to any quest objectives what so ever, be they tracked or not....