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File: vUI08-20-20
Posted By: valkovalinen
Hello, since i can see nowhere on the front page for installing this interface, can you please advise on how i install this? thanks
File: 2 UI05-23-20
He spends far too much time keeping...
Posted By: valkovalinen
He spends far too much time keeping the UI going so if he says there is an update just update and don't worry about changelogs. Remember every update to delete the older folders and put it the new ones. Wtf files stay so you don't lose any of your own settings. Well, I understand that, but if you look at the last four updates, yo...
File: Panther05-23-20
gotta hand it to you, this is the...
Posted By: valkovalinen
gotta hand it to you, this is the only ui i have never ever been able to install and have it working as seen in the screen shots...funny thing is, i this is the only ui i simply cannot install without it looking a mess. I downloaded this version, its missing castbars...had to download castbars from curse, but the castbars i downl...
File: Panther12-15-19
This ui will hide a number of eleme...
Posted By: valkovalinen
This ui will hide a number of elements such as the calendar. I've had to disable the mini map mod because of it. There are a number of other mods that are also causing problems, all are updated. Tom Tom tours feels more like bloatware, infact there is an awful lot of not very helpful mods in the package. My memory footprint from t...
File: Classic Quest Log06-12-19
was using classic quest log
Posted By: valkovalinen
Greets, I have been using classic quest log for some time, when i login today, it tells me in no uncertain terms that the mod no longer works...which is a bit odd, given it was okay last week and i am aware of no updates that broke it? any chance of a fix. thanks
File: Project Deranjata (Official)04-04-19
is this addon no longer in developm...
Posted By: valkovalinen
is this addon no longer in development? since i noticed the date from last year
File: Hekili - Priority Helper for Battle for Azeroth04-04-19
how does this compare to MaxDPS? I...
Posted By: valkovalinen
how does this compare to MaxDPS? I presume they are similar types of mods?
File: Panther04-02-19
Hello, I am not sure what is causi...
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Hello, I am not sure what is causing my problem, but every few minutes or even less like every 30 seconds, i get micro stuttering and then eventual freezing, which usually results in a crash. In an attempt to try and figure our what is causing these stutters and crashes, I experimented with the mods, and I am not 100% but I think...
File: UI-tat07-22-15
This is the version number Version:...
Posted By: valkovalinen
This is the version number Version: UI-tat_1.6_V6.2.0_ERW that i downloaded, its just the regular main download link here
File: UI-tat07-21-15
Posted By: valkovalinen
I just registered. There is a big problem with my UI it looks nothing like your screenshot interface, its just one big ugly pos the way it stands rigtht now. I would like to have a more organized furniture onscreen exactly like you have in your screenshot. I went through the install and basically it screwed up, i basically hat...