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File: Project Deranjata (Official)09-30-18
Re: Re: Re: Re: BfA
Posted By: Blazeoptimus
Hi, any news on coming (and current 8.0.1) updates? Working on it now!!! wuhuuuuu you are back:banana::D:D:D its done TY you greatly for you using some your hard earned time to get this running
File: Project Deranjata (Official)08-13-18
BFA Live
Posted By: Blazeoptimus
Any update on your most awsome addon?
File: Project Deranjata (Official)10-05-16
Posted By: Blazeoptimus
Keep Being Awesome! Seriously though, thank you for your hard work on this.
File: UI-tat07-21-16
omg.... updated a few addons but it...
Posted By: Blazeoptimus
omg.... updated a few addons but it's unplayable for me.... Any pointers when this pack will have a update (appreciate the hard work though ...) youll be happy to know i am 50% the way done, expect something in just a few days Always appreciated, ty greatly :)
File: UI-tat07-19-16
Ola.... Looking at the no-replie...
Posted By: Blazeoptimus
Ola.... Looking at the no-replies to below comments/questions i presume that this addon will not survive the Legion XP. Or is Deranjata all up and running almost? greets Or is Deranjata all up and running almost? ...... oh wouldnt you like to know..... thats top secret.. and unlike hillary i dont make privy that in...
File: UI-tat10-25-14
Re: Bags.
Posted By: Blazeoptimus
Hey, maybe I'm missing something or it's because the bag addon hasn't been updated? I don't have the reagent tab slot in my bank. Its been updated. I saw the update for tbag come across. If you look up tbag on curse, one of the common complaints is the lack of the reagent tab. He appears to still be working on it, so I'm sure at...
File: UI-tat10-24-14
I'm able to, more or less, get the...
Posted By: Blazeoptimus
I'm able to, more or less, get the 5.4 version working by updating the mods. There's still more than a few that produce errors, but its easily playable. The most problematic Mod appears to be 'inline aura'. I've disabled it across the board on all my characters (its completely non-functional). It also appears that development on the...