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File: MiirGui [Core]01-15-20
Texture & Addons packs broken in 8....
Posted By: Ivaria
Texture & Addons packs broken in 8.3 Eagerly awaiting a 8.3 update myself. Thanks for all your continued hard work Miiru!
File: VuhDo Classic08-23-19
Re: an error?
Posted By: Ivaria
interface/addons/vuhdo/vuhdoconstspells.lua:6: attempt to call a nil value recieved that error when i loaded up a 1.12 client. This is the version of VuhDo for official Blizzard Classic WoW servers. I do not support private servers and this is not the place to discuss them.
File: VuhDo Classic08-13-19
is there any chance to create a fra...
Posted By: Ivaria
is there any chance to create a frame "target of target"? I can only find the targetframeand a textindicator which is the target. But not a single option for a panel? Under 'VuhDo Options > Panels > Targets > Target of target' select 'Show'.
File: MiirGui [Core]07-07-19
Not getting full art replacement on...
Posted By: Ivaria
Not getting full art replacement on the new version on some panels (character, talents, group finder, etc.) -- you probably knew this but figured I'd mention just in case. Do you happen to play on a resolution higher then 1080p? I got the missing textures 'problem' when playing on the ptr version on 4k, but not on the live versio...
File: VuhDo Classic06-29-19
I have set the syntax to Lesser Hea...
Posted By: Ivaria
I have set the syntax to Lesser Heal(Rank 1) and the mouse over function still does not work with the local keyboard assignments, however if I bind a spell to a mouse key(right click) the mouse over function work fine. If that helps in anyway. Please try VuhDo v3.102-classic-alpha-5 or newer. You can remove the Classic Spell Rank...
File: MiirGui [Core]06-26-19
8.2.0 Update
Posted By: Ivaria
Hey Miiru, huge fan! Any ETA on an update for 8.2? Thanks for all your hard work!!
File: VuhDo Classic06-25-19
Re: Local Keyboard Assignments
Posted By: Ivaria
I have gotten the Classic spell rank add on to show up in the list, I miss named the file. But the mouse over function is till not working. Here is a screen capture of how I have the spells labeled. If you could please advise on what I am doing wrong. If It helps in retail when I enter a spell name it identifies it as a spell, here i...
File: VuhDo Classic06-03-19
Re: Re: Re: Spell Ranks
Posted By: Ivaria
I have tried the following on Left Button, but none have worked. Classic Spell Ranks shows up in my AddOn list. Have an y other ideas? Lesser Heal Rank 1 Lesser Heal 1 Lesser Heal rank 1 Try this syntax "Lesser Heal(Rank 1)". See the comments on the Classic Spell Ranks add-on: https://i.imgur.com/ApoEjiM.png
File: VuhDo Classic06-02-19
Re: Spell Ranks
Posted By: Ivaria
Are you planning on adding support for spell ranks? Please try using this shim addon for now which fixes GetSpellInfo for spell ranks. https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info24984-ClassicSpellRanks.html Let me know if that doesn't resolve your issues.
File: VuhDo Classic05-23-19
Re: VuHDO Buff Watcher
Posted By: Ivaria
When I try to add a buff to the watcher it doesn't seem to register. Is there a current issue with this? I have not updated BuffWatch yet for Classic. Please open a ticket on the VuhDo project page over on CurseForge and let me know what is broken. https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/vuhdo/issues/create
File: VuhDo Classic05-22-19
Re: Re: Lua errors in a party
Posted By: Ivaria
Just a quick note. In general it seems to be working well. I do however get occasional Lua errors when i loot or mouse over a party member, when in groups. If i can get it to copy and paste correctly i will add to your project page. Yes, I get this error as well. The error references "Spec" so I'm guessing it's trying to determine...
File: MiirGui [Core]03-18-19
8.1.5 Update
Posted By: Ivaria
Any chance of an update for 8.1.5? Thanks!
File: VuhDo BFA Alpha07-10-18
Re: VuhDoRoleChecker error and players update
Posted By: Ivaria
Hmm, can you please try a clean install of the latest beta release? There literally are no more references to the deprecated UnitDefense API so you must have an old version installed. 1. with version v3.93-beta-6 i still get a error when i target a non-player (not tested with enemy players) error code below! 2. and the player...
File: VuhDo BFA Alpha05-27-18
I have tried going to the site http...
Posted By: Ivaria
I have tried going to the site https://repos.curseforge.com/wow/vuhdo/branches/bfa to download the latest version with no luck. I am getting the following error with version 4: Message: Interface\AddOns\VuhDo\VuhDoRoleChecker.lua:353: attempt to call upvalue 'UnitDefense' (a nil value) Thanks for the bug report. Please try v3.93...
File: VuhDo BFA Alpha05-11-18
Uldir Raid Custom Debuffs
Posted By: Ivaria
Unfortunately I am not able to do raid testing myself. However, I tried to add some default custom debuffs for the upcoming Uldir raid. Please reply here and let me know if these are working and suggest additions/removals. -- 8.0.1 - Battle for Azeroth - Uldir -- ] -- Taloc 271222, -- Plasma Discharge -- Mother...
File: VuhDo BFA Alpha05-10-18
I got another error on line 419 (us...
Posted By: Ivaria
I got another error on line 419 (using beta3) when I entered the Heart of Azeroth zone with Magni at the end of the BfA intro. Although I can't re-enter the zone without taking another character all the way through the intro, it looks like beta4 will have the same issue. GetBestMapForUnit("player") was returning nil, and the call...
File: VuhDo BFA Alpha05-10-18
I'm still getting the error on line...
Posted By: Ivaria
I'm still getting the error on line 644 when using beta 3 Please try v3.93-beta-4. Blizzard has been changing all the map APIs and SetMapToCurrentZone apparently no longer exists.
File: VuhDo BFA Alpha05-09-18
There seem to be breaking changes t...
Posted By: Ivaria
There seem to be breaking changes to the map API with the May 8 beta build. Thank you very much for the detailed bug report. Please try v3.93-beta-3 and this should be fixed again.
File: VuhDo BFA Alpha05-03-18
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: BFA Beta issue
Posted By: Ivaria
Thanks Ivaria! I know I speak for many in thanking you for your work here. It's VERY much appreciated. Please try v3.93-alpha-4 or newer and let me know if that finally fixes the issue with UNIT_SPELLCAST_SENT. Thanks is always appreciated of course but not needed. I very selfishly took over VuhDo when Iza stepped down pri...
File: VuhDo BFA Alpha05-03-18
Re: Re: Re: BFA Beta issue
Posted By: Ivaria
After deselecting all the options that effect player positions like the directional arrow, clusters, etc. As of today when casting holy word Sanctify (holy priest) i get this lua error. any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance Message: Interface\AddOns\VuhDo\VuhDoToolbox.lua:623: attempt to get length of local 'aS...
File: VuhDo BFA Alpha05-03-18
Re: Spec Change Not Working
Posted By: Ivaria
First of all, thank you for maintaining this resource for the community. Really really appreciate the work. This comment is for the alpha/beta iteration of Vuhdo only: I have set up a unique profile setting and a unique key layout setting for each of of my 3 specs. Each one has been saved with the appropriate "Spec #" box check...
File: VuhDo BFA Alpha04-23-18
Ivaria, thank you so very much. Ho...
Posted By: Ivaria
Ivaria, thank you so very much. How does one disable all these? Rather, which ones calculate the player map position? I've disabled the clusters, AOE advice etc but still getting errors. The cluster builder and related code shouldn't execute unless you've got the bouquet hooked to an indicator (usually a HoT slot). Under 'Vu...
File: VuhDo BFA Alpha04-22-18
The Map APIs seem to still be in fl...
Posted By: Ivaria
The Map APIs seem to still be in flux. They have removed GetPlayerMapPosition() and there does not seem to be any equivalent replacement. For now just disable all AOE advice, clusters, etc. that need to calculate unit positions. I'll have to see what Blizzard has in mind here. Hopefully some new equivalent is forthcoming.
File: VuhDo01-03-17
Re: Portraits
Posted By: Ivaria
Is it possible that in all my years of using Vuhdo that I don't know how to add portraits to my panels or is this a feature that is not available? ... You cannot do this with VuhDo today. Honestly the add-on was designed to be a replacement for party and raid frames and not really player frames. I use a custom oUF layout for pla...
File: VuhDo12-06-16
is there a way to change the skin o...
Posted By: Ivaria
is there a way to change the skin of the ready check icon? Not easily. The images are in VuhDo/Images/; icon_info.tga, icon_check_2.tga, and icon_cancel_1.tga.