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File: Supervillain UI (Classic)08-16-15
Can't close bags
Posted By: highhbrid
Thanks for making this sweet UI! My only problem is that when I press "B" to open my bag, I can't close it with "B". I have to click the X in the top-right corner of the bag instead. I have made sure to try disabling everything except all of the SVUI elements but the problem still persists.
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)03-15-15
I tried to add Spell ID=175439 into...
Posted By: highhbrid
I tried to add Spell ID=175439 into the AuraBars filter and I now the Aura Filters section is bugged out with errors. I've tried reloading and restarting the game client. Every time I access that section I get errors. I added the same spell to the regular blacklist with no problems but it seems I've made a bad move.
File: Deadly Boss Mods08-28-14
Posted By: highhbrid
I have a question. I have googled this, looked through multiple comment boards about DBM. I just can't find an answer or any mention of this anywhere. Randomly throughout my daily playthrough of the game, I will get bars that show up pertaining to other people's abilities around me or sometimes about my own character. This also ha...