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File: WoW Reforged Icons (Classic Frame)06-16-20
Any chance you can reverse the orde...
Posted By: grhuff07
Any chance you can reverse the order of your changelog (i.e. newest changes at the top)?
File: Better Battle Pet Tooltip09-12-16
The only way I can think of for tha...
Posted By: grhuff07
The only way I can think of for that error to happen is if you have some other addon that's bundling a (badly) modified version of the LibPetBreedInfo-1.0 library. Do you still get the error if you disable all addons other than BBPT and enter a pet battle? If not, you'll need to figure out which other addon is causing the conflict...
File: Zone Achievement Tracker09-07-16
Legion Update
Posted By: grhuff07
I find this addon incredibly useful. Any chance for a Legion update?
File: Factionizer03-09-14
Re: my apology
Posted By: grhuff07
my apology i did not realize that i had missed it Thanks for the quick fix! I really like this addon.
File: Factionizer03-08-14 14.03.08 Debug Code
Posted By: grhuff07
I think 14.03.08 has some debug code left on because a lot of text is being dumped to my chat frame like table: 0000000020163B70 true f_rf_ubs 5 Darnassus nil f_rf_ubs 4 table: 0000000020164A20 false f_rf_ubs 5 Stormwind nil f_rf_ubs 4 table: 0000000020165290 false f_rf_ubs 5 Tushui Pandaren nil f_rf_u...
File: TrainAll11-09-13
Feature Request
Posted By: grhuff07
Would it be possible for the Train All button to be grayed out whenever the Train button next to it is grayed out? This would be for situations where you speak to a Trainer for a skill you haven't learned. As of now, the Train button is not clickable, but Train All is.
File: nUI_InfoPanel_Profesions11-06-13
Professions Disappear
Posted By: grhuff07
Anyone know why after a period of in-game playtime my professions bars and icons inside the panel disappear? I can get them to return with a /reload or if I leave the nUI panel on the Professions panel without cycling to any others, otherwise they eventually disappear and leave an empty box. Is it another add-on conflicting somehow?