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File: daftUITweaks09-26-19
no actionbar stacking?
Posted By: Ginji
Hi, is there no action bar stacking like in daftmainbar? linke on top of eachother?
File: TomTom07-03-19
huhu, can you move the player and c...
Posted By: Ginji
huhu, can you move the player and cursor coordinates on the world map? I didnt fiind any option for that.
File: Neav UI10-31-17
hey :) can someone show me how i p...
Posted By: Ginji
hey :) can someone show me how i permanently hide the Set focus button on target frame? Because i get this on the target frame https://imgur.com/a/aAVDT
File: ls: UI08-17-17
Released 70200.11. For 70300.01...
Posted By: Ginji
Released 70200.11. For 70300.01 I'll prob look into mouseover control for actionbars, I also need to fix few things in UF aura filter. As for nameplates, I'll start working on them soon, atm I'm making a TODO list. nice :) glad that u are back <3
File: ls: UI07-11-17
actionbar mouseover
Posted By: Ginji
hey :) is it possible to have actionbars to mouseover? especially bar 3?
File: ls: UI05-27-17
Health and power configs are done T...
Posted By: Ginji
Health and power configs are done T_T http://i.imgur.com/daXeSVO.png I always hated in-game configs, now I hate them even more. haha :D but it looks good :banana:
File: ls: UI05-22-17
Testing :D http://i.imgur.com/NS...
Posted By: Ginji
Testing :D http://i.imgur.com/NSMZLbe.png -- edit #1 Damn, I haven't used horizontal player/pet frames since WotLK, they're so... inconvenient o_O -- edit #2 Now I need to add all missing options, e.g., UF border colouring based on char's class, visibility of minimap's zone text, its position, etc. After I add them I'l...
File: ls: UI03-09-17
http://i.imgur.com/oGH93eC.png W...
Posted By: Ginji
http://i.imgur.com/oGH93eC.png Will release an update a bit later today. this looks really nice :)
File: ls: UI03-08-17
A typo? Nooo! :( There's no poin...
Posted By: Ginji
A typo? Nooo! :( There's no point in working on UF config, cuz I need to revamp UF first T_T Then revamp now :P :banana:
File: rFilter03-06-17
Posted By: Ginji
hi, im trying to show vampiric touch debuff but its not working :( can someone help me? funlction rFilter:CreateDebuff(spellid,unit,size,point,visibility,alpha,desaturate,caster) local button = L.F.CreateButton("debuff","DebuffButton",34914,"target",36,"{CENTER}","show;hide",{0.2,1},true,nil) if button then table.insert...
File: Neav UI02-25-17
vehicle frame
Posted By: Ginji
Heyy :) really great UI! I was wondering how to move the vehicle seat indicator. Could not find anything in any of the neav folders :( but maybe i overlooked it.
File: Neav UI09-02-16
Toast moving
Posted By: Ginji
Heyo https://puu.sh/qXqdq/2c5ff47545.jpg is there a way to move this things? Because the clipping out of the screen.
File: PhanxChat08-10-16
emotes,languages etc
Posted By: Ginji
huhu how do i find the emotes, langagues and other optioons that where in the social button? sorry for bad englisch
File: !SyLevel01-25-16
Inventorian Support
Posted By: Ginji
Hello, is there any way to add support for Inventorian?
File: DuffedUI v801-12-16
Questtext überschneidet sich
Posted By: Ginji
Hallo, kann man irgendwie einstellen das sich der Questtext nicht überschneidet? Ist zwar nur ein kleines Problem aber es stört mich schon :) http://puu.sh/mtRoL/4c6e952e05.jpg
File: Factionizer12-10-15
The Scale of Sands rep
Posted By: Ginji
Hello, Factionizer displays Old Hillsbrad Fooothills (Normal) Instance for Scale of Sands rep. But i dont get any rep when i run this. Is this a bug or am i doing sommething wrong? http://puu.sh/lRgLU/785969fc6a.jpg
File: DuffedUI v811-14-15
Posted By: Ginji
Hello Do you planning to play Legion? And will you keep this addon up to date? I really like it but i dont want to use it if you dont plan to update this in Legion. And is it possible to put an addon like rarity in one of the datatext slots? mfg Ginji
File: Birg's Mage UI #212-24-14
Posted By: Ginji
can i update all addons by myself? Because i have some bugs. overall a brilliant UI =) http://puu.sh/dI169/dc1ad3194c.jpg
File: Hexxtra UI12-29-13
awesome UI :D can't test it now bec...
Posted By: Ginji
awesome UI :D can't test it now because i stopped playing but i will come back with the new Addon and I hope you will keep this UI up2date untill i play ;D sincerely a great fan of your Kaytemoss UI :3
File: Handy Notes POI: Rar Mobs, NPCs, Koch Quests, Pet Trainer09-14-13
Re: Handy Notes POI Update for 5.4
Posted By: Ginji
As always all notes are in German! Check http://www.wowhead.com/guide=1132/glorious-rare-elites-of-pandaria For an english but none Ingame version. Timeless Isle: - added all Rar Mobs - added some of the chest - added Quest - added special Vendors and Items super geil das du weiter machst =) :)
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit08-21-13
will your edit up to date in the ne...
Posted By: Ginji
will your edit up to date in the next expansions?
File: VxtUI08-20-13
Posted By: Ginji
2,000 downloads WOOT! your UI is awesome :D so why not :3:banana::D:D