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File: SilverUI 208-05-18
Re: Someone one made it current.
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Just found some Portuguese person brought it to life. I don't speak Portuguese but i translated for him if he can to upload it here for you guys so let's keep fingers crossed. https://vimeo.com/270798339 ohh~ I hope he does/can/will. :) Thanks for finding this! However, I wonder where he will be posting it?
File: NiceColorize07-26-18
using human mistweaver lvl 110 and...
Posted By: Tired85
using human mistweaver lvl 110 and I get: the following error within bugsack: 3x NiceColorize\FramesColorize.lua:376: attempt to index global 'ReputationWatchBar' (a nil value) NiceColorize\FramesColorize.lua:376: in function `FramesColorizeModule_Update' NiceColorize\NiceConfig.lua:377: in function
File: ElvUI - RPGUI Rework v1.8 (27.06.17) (2560x1080 / 1920x1080)07-21-18
it needs an update... Tons of er...
Posted By: Tired85
it needs an update... Tons of errors showing on the cooldown bars and they aren't disappearing. I used your 1920x1080 and installed and clicked "yes" like your guide stated within your addon's description.
File: SilverUI 207-20-18
SILVER-EX UI 2.0 was abandoned?...
Posted By: Tired85
SILVER-EX UI 2.0 was abandoned? How did you make the art of the character models, which appear along the percentage of life? I was wondering that myself. It makes me feel more hype to play WoW if I could get my hands on that for my UI. :D Sadly I get turned off from WoW after a few weeks and cancel sub because I get bored with...
File: Rufio UI Classic08-22-16
Any way for us to move the minimap...
Posted By: Tired85
Any way for us to move the minimap around? I kinda want it in a different location than top right because it detracts from the eye whenever your focused on the middle or left side of the screen....
File: AutoLagTolerance08-15-15
This addon is still can use? Yea...
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This addon is still can use? Yeah it still works.