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File: Extended Vendor UI (Warlords Compatible)02-08-13
Mousewheel scrolling?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I started using this due to bugs in GoblinVendorShrinker. This addong would be even more awesom if mousewheel scrolling was used for paging. I currently TB-AltTrader for this; it is compatible with Extended Vendor UI. I would love to this functionality to be included natively. Thank you for your time. Keep up the excellent work.
File: XPBarNone12-15-12
Enhancement request: Data Broker functionality
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I have been using XPBarNone for some time and enjoy it. However, I was wondering if it could include any Data Broker functionality, such as a menu launcher/option panel or even better, a way to attach to a Data Broker viewer (Bazooka, Chocolate Bar, etc.). I understand that this is not a simple request, but closed mouths don't get...
File: Broker: XPBar12-15-12
Enhancement request: single bar mode
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I just started using this addon and I enjoy it. However, I did have a (somewhat involved) request that I would like for you to consider. It is a single bar mode. Instead of needing to show a separate XP or rep bar, you can show one bar and use mouseover or a click to show the other bar. At max level, it should show rep only if th...
File: Aloft02-20-12
Re: Re: Ability to insert a newline into a tag?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I was wondering if there was a way to insert a newline (\n) into a tag to cause it to take up two lines. I have tried /n and /0, but those are taken literally as part of the tag. if there is a way, i don't know of it. ultimately, all of these tags are formatted into a Blizzard standard API FontString object. that is what would n...
File: Aloft02-18-12
Ability to insert a newline into a tag?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I was wondering if there was a way to insert a newline (\n) into a tag to cause it to take up two lines. I have tried /n and /0, but those are taken literally as part of the tag.
File: Adapt - Almost-Default Animated Portraits02-02-12
TargetFrameToTPortrait issue?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
Gello, I believe that your official release seems to bemissing the "TargetofTargetPortrait" to "TargetFrameToTPortrait" fix noted by mistik911. I cannot get a 3D portrait on the default target of target frame.
File: AtlasLoot_Source12-18-11
Re: Update?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I think, scratch that, I know this needs an update. It lists the old VP items as VP rewards and all new loot in 4.3 is missing. I am noticing the same as well. Anything new to 4.3 is missing a reagents listing.
File: FuBar - QuestsFu11-30-11
LibTourist issue
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I had to disable this addon to logon to WoW 4.3. It would cause a hang on the loading screen that could only be stopped by killing the client process. A few other apps like FishingAce also had the same issue. FishingAce was fixed earlier today or last night. I was hoping this could be addressed. For more information on the issue...
File: XLoot11-29-11
not showing count of item loot?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
In 4.3, I'm noticing the following weirdness when I disenchant, mill, or prospect: the Xloot frame is no longer showing the amount of an item received. It will show me that the contents were destroyed (ink, dust, shards, etc.), but it no longer shows the number of shards. You can tell this by looking at the xloot window and the...
File: Gem Viewer05-15-11
No listing for Mastery as a stat to search on?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I noticed that mastery was missing as a stat to search for gems. Assuming the list is alphabetical, it would have been below/near the mana listings. However, I did not see it. Could mastery be added as search criteria? Thanks in advance.
File: Ara Broker SpecSwitcher05-01-11
Set not being equipped after switching spec?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I was testing this out on my death knight who is Blood/Frost dual spec. The names of the equipment sets mapped to those specs in the Equipment Manager are Blood and DPS respectively. When I switch spec by clicking on the LDB icon, I am able to switch specs without issue. However, the equipment set does not change unless I mouse ov...
File: The User Interface with the very long title that really makes people want to look at it.04-17-11
title = full of win
Posted By: SmuvMoney
Even though I'm not big on addon/UI compilations, your title did its job and convinced me to give it a looksee. :) Well played indeed...
File: RaidHide03-20-11
download of latest release shows partyhide and not raidhide?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
When I click the Download link on the Addon Info tab, I have been getting a download for PartyHide instead of RaidHide. If I click a download on the Other Files tab, I do get a RaidHide release. Did I miss something here?
File: Broker_wDurability02-12-11
Showing repair cost in tooltip?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I was wondering if Broker_wDurability showed the actual repair cost, rep discounts or not.
File: Fishing Ace!12-31-10
/fa lure option not functional?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I am having trouble getting the auto lure option to work. I turn it on via slash command or interface options. However, I cannot get the auto lure to work on right double click when I have a fishing pole equipped.
File: Tabbed Dungeon Browser (tabDB)10-22-10
Re: Re: startup error
Posted By: SmuvMoney
Originally posted by DefectiveUser It looks like you may have posted this in error? From what I can see this error isn't related to tabDB, and it seems you've posted the same thing over at eCastingBar. Can this be deleted? My apologies for pasting the wrong error. I did a global reference error in tabdb.lua line 39 (not in front of...
File: eCastingBar10-21-10
Originally posted by Neuro To be h...
Posted By: SmuvMoney
Originally posted by Neuro To be honest, I wasn't aware the Flight Timer addon was still working. I assumed it was abandoned, and didn't really check to see if it still worked with eCB. I'll look into it. Thank you for investigating this. Someone put out a patch for Flightmap: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info18266-Fli...
File: eCastingBar10-19-10
I could not get the flight timer to...
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I could not get the flight timer to work in the mirror bar. The bar is enabled with everything enabled except hide outline. I was writing this while in flight. When I landed, I got the following error: Message: Interface\AddOns\eCastingBar\eOptions.lua:43: attempt to index local 'self' (a nil value) Time: 10/19/10 22:43:35 Coun...
File: MicroMenu10-19-10
Re: Re: Any hope of LDB support?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
Originally posted by Vrul Unfortunately the current LDB specification does not support a plugin with multiple icons that can be dragged and rearranged independently. There are several LDB plugins that implement the micro buttons in some fashion though. Last question on this: any hope for a "locked" icon version that would support...
File: MicroMenu10-17-10
Any hope of LDB support?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I'd love to be able to attach to an LDB addon like ChocolateBar or Fortress. Any hope for this happening?
File: AuldLangSyne07-14-10
I was wondering if AuldLangSyne sup...
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I was wondering if AuldLangSyne supported (Lib)Broker natively. I did not see a note about it in the change log, but that could be my vision failing. :)
File: Mapster12-25-09
having issue with FogClear in zone
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I was farming small eggs in the zone Eversong Woods where Silvermoon was located. For some reason, the FogClear module was not working correctly. I had to discover Fairbreeze Village to actually see it. Before, it was showing a land area there, but it did not list/draw the village and its surroundings until I discovered it ingame....
File: WeightsWatcher12-04-09
addon messing with default WoW combat text?
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I was playing around with this addon earlier in the evening. It seems to be an upgrade from StatScore. However, when I use this addon with WoW's default scrolling combat text, it prevents the default SCT from being shown ingame. Using Addon Control Panel (ACP), I had WeightsWatcher enabled and used a HoT spell on myself. The SCT...
File: Broker_Equipment09-19-09
Can't show icon with 30200.4-Beta
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I was attampting to use Broker_Equipment with Fubar/Broker2Fubar. I normally have it set to only show the icon and not text. When I logged into WoW, I noticed that it was showing text. When I attempted to change it through the Broker2Fubar panel, I got a UI error stating that the iconPath was not defined or something to that effec...
File: Bagnon08-15-09
I have a similar issue to BSaliv ex...
Posted By: SmuvMoney
I have a similar issue to BSaliv except it occurs with showing the bags without enabling the keyring. The first time I show the bags in Bagnon, the slots shift down and the bags pop up on the "First" line. In other words, the title/search bar with the options buttons stays intact. When I hide the bags, the title bar shifts down ins...