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File: EasyReload07-21-19
I suggest a button that looks like...
Posted By: Doomsdale
I suggest a button that looks like the standard browser reload button instead of slash commands. So after like 2 1/2 years, I just did that! Ugly and probably way more complex than it needed to be but it works! ;)
File: EasyReload08-21-17
you must change SLASH_RELOAD = {...
Posted By: Doomsdale
you must change SLASH_RELOAD = {'/7', '/rl', '//'} in SLASH_RELOAD1, SLASH_RELOAD2, SLASH_RELOAD3 = '/7', '/rl', '//'; if you want more than keycombo for reload... edit: see in your 1.0.1 version it was correct In 1.0.4 it also is correct. I uploaded 1.0.3 by mistake and submitted the correct file directly after...