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File: ForteXorcist04-30-12
Swapping Profiles
Posted By: Boradan
Is it possible to do this using a macro? I have macros to equip an itemset and to swap talents, and woul like to be able to swap FX profiles the same way...... I came across an ooooold post containing a macro, but it doesnt work now.... heres the old macro: /script FW:UseProfile ("PROFILE NAME");
File: Raid Defense Stats03-18-12
Thanks for the info. Uploading a v...
Posted By: Boradan
Thanks for the info. Uploading a version now which only loads for warriors and pallies. Starting to work on druids and DKs for the next version.
File: Raid Defense Stats03-13-12
Could you disable the addon, then o...
Posted By: Boradan
Could you disable the addon, then open your character pane with the addon disabled please? When you do this, do you actrually HAVE a stats pane on the Character Frame showing all your stats or is it no longer there? could you also go into flight form without ANY other buffs and run this macro please... /run for i=1,40 do lo...