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File: DejaClassicStats12-14-19
This addon is leaking frames like c...
Posted By: elcius
This addon is leaking frames like crazy btw, DCS_CREATE_STATS doesn't check for existing frames, and you're calling it off PaperDollFrame_UpdateStats, it creates like 30+ frames every time the character window is opened or the players stats change, it's causing the UI to crash after extended play.
File: Preform AV Enabler09-03-11
Re: Doesnt work for me
Posted By: elcius
Originally posted by mohoji Whenever the raid leader tries to use preformav it says status unknown/not installed. It even shows that for me when i look in the menu even though i have the latest version installed If you use LUI like i do, they have some stupid "oversized parameter filter" hooked into SendAddonMessage that pre...