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File: Auctionator ClassicFix09-30-19
Re: Re: Thanks!
Posted By: Photekz
I have no plan to add features to the addons that I fixed, I just made them work in Classic. If the original author or someone else can't do it then I have no time to maintain 6+ addon while playing WoW Any chance you know how to fix this? It stops happening when I disable Auctionator.
File: Threat Plates07-27-16
I'll most likely be making new name...
Posted By: Photekz
I'll most likely be making new nameplates altogether instead of an update. Neat! Been using some of your addons and edits for years now I don't think I could play without them. Thanks for keeping them.
File: The Ultimate Shaman UI Grid Layout v4.20211-19-14
WoD update
Posted By: Photekz
Any chance to have this updated for Warlords of Draenor?