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Re: I like it!
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dont work at french realm :s Can you provide any further information on this? Does it give any errors? Thanks. I like your idea for this addon. Any chance you might make a tank version? Say make Shield of the Righteous "glow" when you get 3 HP? This feature is now included in the latest version of the addon :)
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Originally posted by Moosetrax I l...
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Originally posted by Moosetrax I like the idea for your mod! It would be great if it worked on Dominos as well. Any chance of adding compatibility? I'll see what I can do, thanks for your interest.
File: Infusion of Light03-13-11
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New version is available which can detect if Bartender4 is installed, no need to edit core.lua any more.
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@Morwo: Thanks. Indeed the name is...
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@Morwo: Thanks. Indeed the name is a bit unimaginative, but it was 4am and "let's use the proc name for the addon name" just clicked :P @JediJesseS and Ketho: Thanks. The addon is still in the works, and knowing that people are looking forward to using it is a real boost. You can expect a preliminary release soon-ish - most of the c...