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File: obar09-10-18
Re: exp and rep bars
Posted By: smaltore
Is it possible to change the experience and reputation bars back to how they were before this recent update? I loved the way the older, thin and minimalist bars looked! thx, updated.
File: obar10-16-16
I had a question. The text for the...
Posted By: smaltore
I had a question. The text for the experience and artifact is stacked to where you cant read both. Is there a way to fix this? Or even better, would there be a way to hide it or only show them as you mouse (hover) over them? http://sixorbs.com/random/WoWScrnShot_100816_041126.jpg the second way is easier to do: local functi...
File: obar08-04-16
At the beginning... "Don't use o...
Posted By: smaltore
At the beginning... "Don't use other actionbar addon in the same time,like rActionBarStyler ." And then this. "Surport rActionButtonStyler !!" So which is it? rActionBarStyler is different from rActionButtonStyler one is a addons to change bar layout, and the other is a addons to bueaty button.
File: obar07-27-16
Re: Update for 7.0.3?
Posted By: smaltore
Any chance on getting this updated for the latest patch? This is still my favorite UI out of all the ones I have used. Already updated, thanks for support.
File: obar02-26-16
Hello! I love the addon. One...
Posted By: smaltore
Hello! I love the addon. One thing I would like help with: How can I remove the small gap, when hiding the reputation bar (and max lvl, so no exp bar) above the bottom and middle bar? I tried editing in the .lua, but I can only make the top bar move. The middle bar stays in place... Summary: I would like to move the 2 top...
File: obar02-10-13
Hey! Please update this addon wi...
Posted By: smaltore
Hey! Please update this addon with that code or help me where to put it, I tried putting that code into the obar.lua and I can still see the action bar background... Thanks in advance! what code? and I can't find any background in my test, is there some picture to show me? If you tell me what you are doing when it make...
File: obar08-22-12
Re: Action bar bg fix
Posted By: smaltore
Hi Everyone i just find out how you can fix the problem with the action bar background. The code is: ---------- Action Bar BG FIX ---------- local button_Backdrop = "Interface\\DialogFrame\\UI-DialogBox-Background" local button_bg = { bgFile = button_Backdrop, edgeFile = button_Backdrop, tile = false, tileSize...
File: Lucidity_plus08-22-12
Thanks for updating this. How can I...
Posted By: smaltore
Thanks for updating this. How can I move the bars up slightly from the bottom? I looked through the lua but didn't see any option for that. It's flush with the bottom right now, I want to line it up withthe bottom of my chatbox. it has not this function to move the position, and is there any picture of your flush?
File: Lucidity_plus01-11-12
Oh man, how could I overlook this!?...
Posted By: smaltore
Oh man, how could I overlook this!? :D Thank you very much for taking my old one. Keep going! :banana: What a surprise to see your reply. But I think, most of the friends hope that you update it youself. It's really a very great addon. There must be some bugs because I learn less of lua.
File: obar07-16-11
Originally posted by Twidget Hi a...
Posted By: smaltore
Originally posted by Twidget Hi again, Another issue. The Dungeon Journal and Raid buttons on the Micromenu are not faded and they are larger than the rest of the icons. Edit: I fixed this bay adding two lines to your code: local MicroButtons = { CharacterMicroButton, SpellbookMicroButton, TalentMicroButton, Ac...
File: obar02-26-11
Originally posted by mashkin What...
Posted By: smaltore
Originally posted by mashkin What is that casting bar? And what is that in the bottom right corner? 1 .sycastbar; 2. TinyDps as Recount.